Because we all DESERVE to be happy

July 09, 2014

(this blog post was written few months back and got drowned in my draft, decided to post it up today)

Yay I just ended my driving lesson earlier and now I'm over at town alone trying to blog.

Anyway I think everyone around me is somehow quite impressed with how early I wake up everyday for my driving lessons lol. Cause I kept booking the first session which is 7.30am slot for my driving lesson and I need to wake up around 5.50am. And even waking up at that timing, I'll still have to be very rush in order to make it on time! So usually I don't even have time to make my hair or what not, and I'll have to get out of my house already. Sometimes I'll still be worried that my bus don't come on time! Well, because the traffic can be very bitchy at times... so if I miss a bus, there might be chances that I'll be late already! :/

But I don't understand why people are impressed that I can wake up so early for my driving lessons? Seriously. Cause if I decided I wanna do something, I'll do it all the way one. I think everyone knows I'm like this. Just like people think I cannot survive in army, I also survive. People think I might not be able to study and get a degree, I also study and graduated! People who think I cannot work, I also work while schooling before last time. It's NOT proving to people, is I prove to myself that I can do it.

BUT. But I must say I'm very lucky to have nice people all along to guide me and help me through all these while, so it's really easier for me to get pass through all that. Like now, I'm very thankful that all my driving instructor are all very nice and helpful too! :D Really help me a lot and make me love driving more!

So when will I give up on things?

When my happiness is at stake. Because I think life is really too short to feel unhappy everyday, so if there are things that make me unhappy, no matter at what cost, I'll stop myself from doing. No why, cause that's how I feel about life and I don't wanna live in regret, fear or unhappiness.

And what might cause unhappiness? Not because I'm not earning enough money, not because of the work that I needed to do is too tough and not because I cannot achieve what I want to achieve. Because all these are really nothing to me, as long as I'm happy with what I'm doing then it's all fine.

Not sure if you guys know, but I'm NOT someone who will opt for something that will have high return in exchange for my happiness. Sorry, no way for me. That is saying, for example; a very high paying job but yet you are unhappy for every single day. Why would I choose that? You will never know when will you die, life is so fragile and I don't wanna die with unhappiness. If die, I rather die happy! Right or not.

So what might cause the unhappiness and make me give up and leave? I think usually is the 'people factor'. Please don't say I'm spoilt because I can't work well with people, if I cannot work well, tolerate or compromise with people around me... I won't be here today already. At every single stage of my life, I made nice friends, colleagues and even acquaintance which we all kept in contact until now.

But I think there is a serious need to remove certain people in your life if they are causing you unhappiness because they don't deserve to be in control of your feelings and emotions.

And sometimes, surprisingly.... we might not know that we are actually feeling unhappy because while we are trying our best to do well in certain things or trying to work towards what we want, we will somehow compromise our happiness for it. And it might slowly drown you down with unhappiness even before you can realise it. But luckily, the people around you, especially your love ones... such as; your family and friends will be able to easily notice it and it's a good thing if they warn and tell you about it.

Like previously, my mum was asking me.... why whenever I came back home, I always look so unhappy and moody. Which I didn't realise at all. I know I was affected by things that happened but I didn't know it's so obvious to people around me. And it's not because of work issues or what at all.

But as said earlier, it is the 'people factor' that will make me unhappy. I know I love to rant and complain a lot to people around me about things, but no matter how much I rant and complain, I will still try my best to do whatever I need to do, just that I love to rant only, not because I'm unhappy hahahaha!

But it is those people that makes you unhappy that needs your attention, and to be removed from your life. As selfish as I might sound, I live for myself and NOT for others, NOT for anyone else.

Just remove those people who doesn't believe you no matter what you say or explain, people who are bias against you from the start because anything you do or say wouldn't change their mindset about you and also people who are always assuming things about you which are not true to even begin with.

I remember previously during my army days, there is this guy (one of my batch mate) who is like this. I'm not sure why he hates me, but I guess he just hates me for who I am wtf. So whatever I do, he will try to find fault and complain to superior. Because I'm super close with everyone in camp, he tried to talk bad about me behind my back to all my camp mates. When he see people treat me well, he also unhappy and try to ruin every single thing I do. Keep plotting behind my back, trying to harm and bring me down.

And I always tired my very best to always explain myself to him and try to compromise and be nice to him until I feel damn wtf. Like super sad. So in the end I realise there's no point in doing so, and I just don't care anymore. Yes, cause there is no point seriously. People who doesn't want to understand you, will never understand you, because they choose not to. Live your life without these people because if they can treat you this way, they DO NOT deserve to be in your life at all. Not even your attention to begin with.

Update: BUT OF COURSE, in life we are sure to face such issues and I'm not saying that once you faced something like that, you have to give up and leave. OBVIOUSLY NO. We have to do and try our very best in everything. But what I'm trying to say is that.... yes, we definitely still have to go through hardships and face various obstacles in life, and overcome it. This is life, nothing is easy and we all know it. The after, really depends on how serious the problem is. Which is pretty subjective so I can't really explain to you guys the scale of seriousness, it really depends on own individual, but I'm sure you guys know very well what I'm trying to put across here. :) My main point for this post is to remind all of us to remove all the "toxic" people in our life, cause they ain't worth our time. As simple as that.


typicalben black and yellow

Took some photos at the empty rooftop carpark over at Bukit Timah!

typicalben isaac

With Isaac! Taiwei is the one helping us to take the photos!

typicalben carpark 3

I actually.....

typicalben carpark 2

... can collage these.....

typicalben carpark 1

... 4 pictures up.....

typicalben carpark

... *smirk*

waffles icecream

Icecream with waffles + Duncan and Isaac at the background!

typicalben candid

A candid shot taken by Taiwei or Isaac (I couldn't remember) but turns out good, so up it go!


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  1. Very nice post Ben! Yes, everyone of us deserves to be happy all the time so do whatever makes you feel happy and don't mind those people who say negative things about you. Carry on!

  2. Ben, I have been reading some of your posts lately and I really love the positivity of yours. You are someone that I really look up to. Thanks for your sharing about happiness. Really hope one day I can be a joyful person just like u. ;)