Annie Leibovitz exhibition + LE NOIR

August 01, 2014

Let me update a little before I sleep! Everything has been going well for me, and I hope it's the same for you guys too! Went to Marina Bay Sands the other day for LE NOIR performance and as I had some time on hand before it starts, I decided to go for a quick photography exhibition by Annie Leibovitz over at the ArtScience Museum which I really love in the end.

typicalben mbs

Top: Wearing Ran's which he brought from London - Pants: Uniqlo - Shoes: H&M - Bag: Eastpak

typicalben ootd mbs

Standing shot with all the lotus flowers at the back.

typicalben zebra print top

Close up of my shirt. Super quirky with zebras all over it.

annie leibovitz exhibition poster

Stepped into the ArtScience Museum.

annie leibovitz exhibition tickets

And gotten the tickets for Annie Leibovitz's exhibition.

annie leibovitz exhibition

annie leibovitz exhibition 1

Wasn't allowed to take any pictures inside the exhibition and this was an accidental shot that I took on my phone while I was sitting down, watching videos talking about Annie Leibovitz's photographs and her life stories.

annie leibovitz exhibition quote

Before leaving the exhibition, I saw this quote and felt super relatable to what I'm doing now.

Because from the start, blogging and updating all my social media is already part of my life. So I don't consider them as a separate thing because this is what I love to do and I do not need another 'life' for it. #reallylovethisquote


Went to Pizzeria Mozza for late lunch!



Food is here!!!


My drink which I couldn't really remember what I had already.


Pizza which I felt is way too salty for my liking.



le noir

Went for LE NOIR performance afterwards and it was pretty amazing.

They actually sent me a pair of tickets for the show (thank you so much!!), which I gave it to my mum and grandma to watch instead because even before they sent me the tickets, me and my friends have already bought it for the show. So I asked my mum to bring my grandma to go watch, which I'm really glad that they did because they really enjoyed themselves a lot and kept praising to me and my family on how good the show was after that. #happytoseemyfamilymembersbeinghappy

typicalben randyys with poster

I know this is random but ending off with a picture of me and Ran posing with our poster outside Cleo Hair & Make. Goodnight guys, it's 3am now and I still gotta wake up early later! *jumps straight to bed*


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