I'm finally going to Bangkok!

August 14, 2014

So excited because in a few hours time.... I'll be flying to Bangkok! :D

I've always wanted to go there and I know I might sound like the most sua ku person in Singapore now because I haven't been to Bangkok when everyone go there like going JB like that hahaha. But it's funny because for every single time when I decided to go, something urgent will pop up and made me have to cancel my trip there. :/ Well, it's okay... it's okay... because I'm finally going there this time round yay! Although it's just for the weekends, but I'm still feeling really excited! A lot of people have been telling me that I will definitely love the place, so I can't wait to explore when I'm there!

I think after blogging this entry, I'll have to go pack my luggage because I haven't even pack yet. I don't think there's anything much to pack though, because if I need anything, I can always buy there. Especially clothes! Please don't disappoint me lol.

Anyway, new #BenRanAway video for those who didn't know or haven't watch! We did brothers tag and also 99 random questions tag which one of you guys suggested! So do keep the suggestions coming if you have any!



typicalben speishi randyys

Took some pictures with Peishi and Ran over at Westgate the other day, using my camera and self-timer mode! I realise I've been taking too many pictures with similar backdrop, like the one at Orchard Central too hahaha!

typicalben speishi randyys 2


typicalben speishi randyys 4

From a even lower view..... O.O

typicalben speishi randyys 3

typicalben speishi randyys 5

I'm bringing my laptop over! Will update more entries! Sorry for the lack of updates recently because I've been focusing on some other stuff which I'll let you guys know soon once it's confirmed okay! Till tomorrow! :D


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  1. Welcome to Bangkok :D Hope u gonna have a good day here!!