KFC Cheesy Zinger & Cheesy Bandito

November 10, 2014

Cheese lovers alert!!!!

Our favourite Zinger burger and Bandito Pockett are now topped with the awesome KFC cheese sauce and a slice of cheese, giving it a satisfying cheesy twist! How awesome! Was really excited when I first knew about it because I'm sure most of you guys here know that I love cheese, and now that both the Zinger burger and Bandito Pockett are filled with cheese, I have no reason not to devour both of them! Went down to give it a try with Qiuqiu at Alexandra Retail Centre the other day!

kfc arc

The interior design and layout of the KFC outlet at Alexandra Retail Centre is pretty different from the ones that we usually go to, and I love all the small little details that they add to the restaurant to give their look a twist.

ultimate cheesy zinger box

And the reason why we were here for! The Ultimate Cheesy Zinger & Cheesy Bandito Boxes!

The Ultimate Box comes with either Cheesy Zinger or Cheesy Bandito + 1pc Chicken + 4pcs Onion Ring + 1 Medium Pepsi and also 1 free packet of Match Attax Football Trading Card, which allows you to win 2 return tickets to a BPL match LIVE in the UK (inclusive of 2 air tickets & 3 nights’ accommodation)! Which is really awesome, just imagine if I'm the lucky one!

So all we have to do is to look out for the Golden Ticket in our free packet of Match Attax Football Trading Card, and we might be the lucky one that will be flying to UK to catch the BPL match live! It just cannot get better than this!

typicalben kfc drinking

Found a really nice seat with nice view to have my Ultimate Cheesy Bandito Box!

typicalben kfc

typicalben ultimate cheesy box

Time to dig in! :D

ultimate cheesy  bandito box

Ultimate Cheesy Bandito Box!

ultimate cheesy bandito box unwrap

That comes with 1pc Chicken, 4 pcs Onion Rings and 1 Medium Pepsi (yes, and the Match Attax Football Trading Card too)! Personally I feel for both of the Ultimate Cheesy Box, I find it super satisfying and filling which is = value for money!

kfc onion rings

Love the onion rings! O.O

cheesy bandito

Look at all the cheese that is inside my Cheesy Bandito Pockett! It's really delicious and I'm getting hungry now! Together with the cheese now, it definitely elevates the taste of Bandito Pockett.

qiuqiu typicalben kfc

With Qiuqiu as we were about to finish our Cheesy Bandito Pockett!

ultimate cheesy zinger box

Next up, moving on to the Ultimate Cheesy Zinger Box (hahaha I sound like a glutton now)! Which also comes with 1pc Chicken, 4 pcs Onion Rings, 1 Medium Pepsi and a lucky chance to get the Golden Ticket to fly to UK!

cheesy zinger box

Luckily I'm sharing it with Madeline, because I'm already very full from finishing my Ultimate Cheesy Bandito Box earlier! But in the end, I couldn't resist the temptation and had half of the Cheesy Zinger burger too!

KFC_Match Attax_CRT_ZB_289x336-pf_N1.ai

After reading and seeing all the mouth-watering pictures, don't you think it's time to try them out if you haven't! The Ultimate Cheesy Bandito Box is only $7.90 and the Ultimate Cheesy Zinger Box is only at $8.30!
(Meal prices and bundles differ at selected KFC restaurants and for KFC Delivery)

Don't forget that you can also get a chance to win 2 tickets to a BPL match LIVE in the UK, with 2 air tickets & 3 nights’ accommodation inclusive! More details on www.kfc.com.sg


typicalben qiuqiu kfc entrance

Thank you KFC for having us and filling our stomach for the night! ;)


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