#throwback 2014 (Part 2)

January 02, 2015

Here comes the second part of my #throwback of 2014 as I clear all my pictures!

I kinda just woke up from a nap because I had antibiotics and it's making me so drowsy, I cannot explain why. Having that said, I ain't no lazy bum! I woke up at 8am today though. ;) Actually I should have finished the medication already by now (it's for the bleeding of my throat which I talked about the other time), but because whenever I have events or if I'm going out, I wouldn't eat them if not I'll feel so drowsy and my body will be super weak and the feeling is not very nice, especially when you're out. I seriously think the medication is very strong eh, for having such a huge effect on me. Its like after I consumed it for about 15-30 mins, I'll be super drowsy already. :( Anyhow just 1 more days of it and I'll be done! Hopefully I won't spit blood again EVER.

Anyway my mum was really funny that day, she told me; "First day of the year, you don't eat the medicine ah cause like not very good. Might symbolise that you will have to keep eating medicine for the whole year". Hahahaha! My mum and her superstitious thinking, sometimes it's quite funny. But of course I'll listen to her, better be safe than sorry right lololol.

typicalben family ramen

A very nice shot of my whole family as we went for food tasting! Looked like we're in Japan right hahaha! We are planning on a family trip this month, most likely to Taiwan and I can't wait to go back to Taiwan omg. It's gonna be so fun!

lunch arteastiq

Brunch time at Arteastiq with bffs after my event.

typicalben zj angie arteastiq

Me, Zj and Angie! Missing the other 2 girls!

lemongrass tea arteastiq

Lemongrass ginger tea for me!

brunch arteastiq

monkey bus stop

Saw some cute little monkeys near the overhead bridge the other day!


The tail is so longggggggg! *.*

random singapore skies

Random shot of the cloudy sky.

typicalben ootd

Wearing Ran's top and he took this photo for me at our neighbour's corridor.


Escargot! :D

little crab in pasta

Ordered a cheesy pasta with clams and when I opened one up, there's this cute little crab inside omg.

typicalben Paris Baguette Bakery Café drink

Quick coffee fix with a cute cup from Paris Baguette.

Paris Baguette Bakery Café drinks

....that deserve its own photoshoot hahaha.

typicalben simplicity black and white

Just some pictures which I took it for my Instagram and I thought I must as well post them here too.

typicalben umbrella

One of my colleagues help me to take this photo which I think it's quite nice eh!

typicalben home deco

typicalben suntec starbucks

Doing work at Starbucks with Randy.

typicalben starbucks drink

Okay last one!

cookie monster tumbler

Bought this Cooke Monster tumbler from Universal Studios Singapore when I went for their Halloween Horror Nights.

rss halloween horror nights

Thanks for the express tickets RWS!

rss halloween horror nights

My first time going for their Halloween Horror Nights.

fingers rss halloween horror nights

Brought Fingers along with me together with Randy, who's helping us to take this picture!

rss halloween horror nights

rss halloween horror nights

Look at the crowd! And it seriously feels like hunger games!

typicalben randy rss halloween horror nights

Are we cutez? HAHAHA!

typicalben rss halloween horror nights

With my bae, a mermaid.

pizza uss

HUGE HUGE pizza for supper which taste meh. :/

typicalben rss halloween horror nights

Had a lot of fun with my bffs and brother that night! Hopefully we will go again in 2015!


Went to Joyous Asia to have our graduation family photos taken with our parents and grandparents! My grandparents have been wanting to take it with us since forever! So I'm happy we can make their wish come true! :D

graduation photoshoot

It's located at One Sims Lane and they provide you with the graduation gown and hat, so you do not have to bring anything.

grandpa grandma typicalben

Grandpa and grandma getting ready! They are so cute together omg.

typicalben randy graduation photoshoot

Their photographer was really professional and friendly too! Kept making all of us laugh!

typicalben randy graduation photoshoot

Shooting in progress.

mummy grandpa typicalben

Mum and grandpa, who looked smart and good that day!

typicalben graduation photoshoot

Taking our individual shot.

randy graduation photoshoot

typicalben typicalben randy graduation photo

The photos!!! Here's our family shot!

typicalben typicalben randy graduation photo - grandma

With our paternal grandmother!

typicalben typicalben randy graduation photo - grandparents

And with our maternal grandparents!

typicalben graduation photo framed

They also can print out for you all the photos to physical portrait on wooden board too. Our family portrait is 20R and the other 4 photos are 8R. I'm really happy with the photos and their service! Thanks Joyous Asia for hosting us!

And I heard that they are the only studio in Singapore that allows their client to each choose their best face to be digitally edited into one family portrait, which I feel it's super cool. For those who are also keen on having your graduation shoots done by them, you can quote TypicalBen/Randy to get $50 off your family portraits! More details can be found on their website if you need! ;)

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Cleo Hair & Make A/W photo book launch event!!!!

cleo hair & make photobook launch

The event was held at Mago Saburou @ ION Orchard where they provided loads of finger food and also pretty autumn-themed cupcakes by Kremecouture too! I didn't managed to eat anything but I heard everyone enjoyed the food! :D

cleo hair & make photobook launch

All Sam's hard work! Thanks Josh for the photo and Sam for even printing out posters for us!

cleo hair & make photobook launch

The crowd was amazing! We heard people started queuing since early morning! Thank you guys for coming!!!

Here's a short video that was taken on the event day! Spot yourself! http://youtu.be/Fjj2fGYj3jQ

cleo hair & make photobook launch

During the mini autograph session!

cleo hair & make photobook launch

I don't know what made me laugh like crazy that day but I was really happy, that's all I remember!

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Love this bunch of people! ;)

cleo hair & make photobook launch

The queue to take photos with me and Ran! #BenRanAway

A sincere thanks (deep down from my heart) to every single one of you that came down! I'm really happy to see and interact with all of you guys! I even can recognise some of you guys already! Thank you all for all your constant support! Thank you thank you! :')

cleo hair & make photobook launch

A Thank You speech which I didn't even prepared for! Thanks Qiu for sabo-ing me ah! But after I finished the speech, everyone was saying that I actually prepared for it, which I didn't! I just said them from my heart, I'm serious.

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Taking group photos with everyone that came! Thank you guys! Hope to see you all again soon! :D

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Dinner at Mago Saburou after the event and the food they served IS AWESOME! No joke!

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Juice for me!

cleo hair & make photobook launch


cleo hair & make photobook launch

Even their fried chicken also taste damn good omg.

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Chicken and black pork cheeks! So fresh!

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Look at all the beautiful marbles on the beef!

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Pork personally grilled by the boss of Mago Saburou! Thank you so much, it taste delicious!

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Their meat are all fresh and of top quality! Super nice and I couldn't stop eating!

cleo hair & make photobook launch

Thank you Mago Saburou for being such a great host and also for the awesome dinner! :D

the drums concert Singapore

Went for The Drums concert because my friend wanted to go. Pardon my ignorance but I never heard their songs before because I'm more to the mainstream pop/hip hop kind of music lover lol. But it's definitely something fresh and new!

typicalben family

Dinner with family before we went for the gala premiere of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb!

dian xiao er

Food food food! Chinese food!

dian xiao er food

I love their cereal prawn!

typicalben family dian xiao er

Family wefie! ;)

typicalben upside down

And that somehow concludes my throwback with all the pictures! The more significant events will have their own post by itself soon! I'm going to prepare and head out now for dinner! 2015 is starting off so well, so great! Have a nice day everyone! :D


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