Why should we accompany people to the doctor when they are sick?

January 12, 2015

Because I just feel like at that point of time, you feel weak, needy and need someone to shower you love and concern. Accompanying the person (in this case, it will most likely be your loved ones) to the doctor, will make them feel so much better.

Suddenly thought of this because today, my dad was not feeling well and when I woke up around 8am+, I heard him asking my mum whether she wanna go with him to the doctor. I was just waking up and I asked him what happened, and offer to accompany him to the doctor even though I didn't wash up at all. I just feel that it's always nice to have someone with you, especially when you're feeling unwell. I think when we are sick, we are especially needy lol. I always feel quite upset when nobody wants to accompany me down to see the doctor when I was sick, even when they are free. It's not that I cannot go see the doctor alone or I'm not independent enough to. I think most of us are independent enough to see doctor alone, but it's the feeling, the fuzzy nice feeling that your loved one will give you when you're unwell. So I offered to accompany my dad to the doctor, but ended up being chased back home by him because he said there were way too many virus there and he didn't want me to catch it hahaha.

Okay at least I was there with him for 5mins, at least I accompanied him down. Effort enough! :x

End up, I went to buy breakfast for the family and then I headed back home because he kept insisting I should go back. But I know maybe he wants me to stay and accompany him hahahaha! But there are too many people falling sick lately. So please take good care of your health ah! And also from now on, if any of your loved ones wants to see the doctor, try to accompany them if you can. *touch wood* It's not that I want anyone to fall sick, I'm just saying only okay hahaha. All of us will be super healthy k! ;)

Not sure why but recently, I haven't been having good sleep. I mean I slept for quite abit but I kept having super adventurous dreams that I feel so drained out whenever I woke up from sleep. I just feel like I get any proper rest at all. But last night was SO GOOD because I finally had a great sleep without any crazy dream and today I felt so refreshed and energised.

Time for me to go sleep and new post will be up after I wake up! :D


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