My regular visits to IDS Clinic

February 04, 2015

Back to IDS Clinic for my regular check up and due to work the other time, I haven't been going back for my check up for about 6 months already! With Dr Heng as he review and listen to me updating my current condition of my face.

After that, I'm waiting for my turn to do the Hydro Therapeutics Treatment.

The HydraFacial machine.

Been quite awhile since I did facial because when I had an outbreak the other time, Dr Tan told me I have to wait for them to clear first before I can do it so I won't agitate it. Recently my skin is really getting better and so I can finally do facial!

The first step is cleansing and scrub! Then after, they used the ultrasound (skin scrubber) to remove the white heads and black heads. The treatment ends off with multi-vitamins + whitening serum and also, a mask to enhance glow and radiance for overall results. Really enjoyed the treatment and love how they don't cover my eyes when doing mask. #personalpreference

Replenished some of my products like C-Plus, Cleansing Gel, Sunscreen and also was introduced to a new product Lyco-White.

A daily intake of Lyco-White oral skin supplement is almost equivalent of 80 tomatoes!

Will try it and let you guys know the results soon! ;)


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