26th Birthday Celebration

March 05, 2015

Here comes the visuals for my birthday celebration this year!

I also wrote my birthday speech back in January (which is the month of my birthday), so for those who haven't read it yet, you can click to read it. ;) It's kinda like a short and concise version of my reflection of the past year and also, some heartfelt stuff that I wanted to say to you all. Anyway, I didn't made any plans for my birthday this year as I didn't want any party. I was thinking of a simple celebration with my friends and family would suffice. But little did I know, the person I love and my friends planned a birthday surprise for me one week before my birthday! It was really a shocking and huge surprise for me because I was totally clueless about it. No one actually gave me hints or leaked any information out at all. WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD AT KEEPING SECRETS FROM ME AH? So all along, I was kept in the dark since early December when they started planning for it omg.

Grand Hyatt Singapore‎

AM booked a room at Grand Hyatt for my birthday surprise, where all my friends will be there once I reached.

I really didn't expect anything because on the day itself, we were running errands in the afternoon and I was having a SUPER bad flu afterwards. So initially after dinner, I wanted to go home already. But I was told to go the Grand Hyatt for a drink before going back home and I was kinda unwilling? Because I'm having a very bad flu and I just wanna go home to rest?

But after that, I was eventually convinced to go ahead for a quick drink before heading back home. But I felt something was wrong when the lift opened up, it was all the hotel rooms (instead of a bar or something) and then when I was led into a dark room I wanted to scold and say, "Omg why are we here? Omg you booked a room for staycation you never tell me! I never bring all my stuff for a staycation eh!". That's what went through my mind and before I could say them out, the sliding door in the room opened up and all my close friends where in there! I was in utter shock at that moment and it has been quite long since I had such a surprise, so I was really touched. You can watch the birthday surprise video in my vlog below! Its at the last part of the video! ;)


typicalben making birthday wish Grand Hyatt Singapore‎

Making wishes with Ran holding the cake for me!
I realised I didn't made my wishes properly at that time because I was still caught in shock lol.

typicalben and friends Grand Hyatt Singapore‎

Group photo! Thank you everyone for making the effort to give me such a wonderful surprise. Lacking few of my other close friends though, if not it would have been perfect. But it's really a nice picture isn't it! Changed to an orange top because as it was prepared for me to change, if I want to, and I did because it will look better for the group photo.

typicalben unwrapping present

Opening up the present that they gotten for me! A new camera which I wanted to change for the longest time! *.*

typicalben with princess balloon

With the princess balloon that Ran gotten for me!

typicalben princess balloon

Thank you all that made it happened! So blessed! :')


family photo at birthday dinner

And on the actual day of my birthday, I celebrated it with my family!

soup restaurant vivo city

Went to have Chinese food because... "We love Chinese food, You know that it's true (Yeah)".

fruit birthday cake

A fruity birthday cake for me and my dad since his birthday is 1 day after me!

typicalben dad birthday celebration

Me and dad!

typicalben dad birthday cake

Hahaha candid photo of me as we wanted to make our wishes!

typicalben dad making wishes

Love this picture although both of us looked a little fake lol.

typicalben dad birthday

Awesome birthday this year and I hope to spend the rest of my birthday like this, with all the people I love! :)


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  1. Wait! You're 26? You don't look like you are 26, I thought you're just 20 hahaha!