2D2N Family Outing

March 01, 2016

family collage

Hello everyone! It's the first day of March and I'm bringing you a super long post to fill your appetite and to make up for the lack of posts recently! :D If you noticed, which I'm sure you did, I finally changed my blog template and now it is.... fully responsive and mobile friendly yay!

I know that many of us don't really use our laptop or desktop to read blogs anymore, so hopefully changing to a responsive template will allow you all to have a better experience when reading my blog because I AM GOING TO BLOG MORE AND MORE AND MORE starting from now! *throws confetti*

I think people who have been following me, will know why there is lack of updates here. Yes, not only because of my job previously but also... my expectation of the pictures or content that I'm putting up here kinda got higher and higher over the time and I cannot accept posting pixelated phone quality pictures up here anymore. AND I KNOW, some of you have been telling me that IT DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL.

Yes, but I didn't listen and most of the time editing pictures takes up about 85% of the time when I need to blog, so ended up... I always never get anything up because it really takes up too much time to do so!

Especially when I work in the day and go back home at night, I really do not have the energy to edit photos anymore. I just wanna let my brain rest a bit haha. One of my friend was telling me this the other day, that I shouldn't treat my blog as work and I should just write whatever I want without having to plan and edit them like my day job. I think it's really a job hazard thing, but I definitely think I should cut myself some slack for my blog post and just enjoy doing it. I still feel it's a pretty good outlet for me to express myself, so I'm still going to continue blogging. And at the same time, I'm also going to also vlog more on my personal channel starting from now! Just in case when Randy is busy (like recently), and there are no updates on #BenRanAway, you all still can watch me on my own channel! Anyway, back to the template! I managed to changed it by myself the other time, with some help from the team of Bthemez. Thanks to them for helping too!

For this post, I took all the pictures using my phone, so don't expect good quality pictures but I'm happy that I get to capture down all the moments that my family had done for consecutively 2 days straight! :D

typicalben mum dad ikea

Spending quality time with my parents at IKEA as we decided to do some shopping there!

ikea curry chicken noodles

First meal of the day, curry chicken noodles! Just so-so only.

ikea water

Not drinking tea or coffee, but I opt for mineral water instead. #AmIHealthyYet?

typicalben and dad ikea

With dad! I don't know what was he pointing at lol.


Random shot because I can. Actually iPhone takes pretty decent quality picture tbh.

typicalben dad selfie

But I'm not so sure about the front camera though. Anyway, selfie with dad!

mirror selfie ikea typicalben

Thank you for doing this with me lol. #ilovemyparents

ikea shopping

Some of the stuff we bought! I decided to get for my parents and Randy a quilts set each because it is super comfortable! I also gotten mine from IKEA and everyday I feel like I'm staying at hotel with the quilt okay!

ikea ice cream

IKEA ice cream!

typicalben and dad at ikea

Done with our shopping! Going to bring all of them back home first!

shopping at ikea

We also bought snacks and hotdog bun back home! Yum!

typicalben driving Volkswagen

Just nice I was test driving Volkswagen Scirocco for that day too, so it's a pretty 'apt' time to go shopping at IKEA! ;) Going IKEA shopping without a car is kinda troublesome imo, so luckly us!

typicalben and mum drinking boost

After we brought back home all our shopping loots, I was craving for my daily intake of fruit juice, so I headed over to The Grandstand with my mum to have fruit juice! Talking about satisfying my cravings lol!

Voss Sparkling Water

Bought a bottle of sparkling water because who doesn't love sparkling water? Not me.

typicalben Volkswagen Scirocco

Mum took this picture of me before leaving The Grandstand. I really love this picture, nice shot mum!

typicalben driving Volkswagen

Heading to CBD area to fetch Randy from work, we are going to the East to have dinner! #sincewehavecartodrive #whynotright

dad randy

Dad brought us to Leong Ji Seafood Changi, our first time here! We love zi char!

leong ji seafood

Kung pao chicken!

leong ji seafood

Curry fish head!

leong ji seafood

Omg my favourite, cereal prawns!

leong ji seafood

For vegetable, we had spinach!

leong ji seafood

Loyang Tua Pek Kong

After we are done eating, we went to Loyang Tua Pek Kong!

typicalben family

Family group shot after we are done with praying.

desert at bugis

Went to Bugis for dessert before heading back home, I had watermelon and honeydew sago! I'm seriously craving for it now omg. Super yum!

typicalben randy on car

On our way back home after a really long day! *yawns*

typicalben ootd

Casual outfit for second day! Wearing Ran's cap for a change!

typicalben cap selfie

iPhone selfie! Super pixelated though hahaha!

The Public Izakaya by Hachi

Starting the day by eating again! At The Public Izakaya by Hachi for lunch!

typicalben mum and dad

Mum and dad while waiting for our food.

The Public Izakaya by Hachi

Oden! I super love!

The Public Izakaya by Hachi

Crab with fish meat!

The Public Izakaya by Hachi

This is super delicious too!

The Public Izakaya by Hachi

Grilled squid!

typicalben mum dad wefie

About to finish our lunch! Wefie time!

typicalben with dad

With dad!

typicalben with mum

And mum!

Tom N Toms Coffee singapore

Went to Tom N Toms for coffee while waiting for Ran to end work!

typicalben Tom N Toms Coffee

I think I'm the only one that changed my expression in the photos lol.

typicalben with Volkswagen Scirocco

For dinner, we decided on Chomp Chomp! It was my parents first time eating there! Parked the car but we didn't have coupon, so dad went to buy them and we decided to snap some pictures.

typicalben randy Volkswagen Scirocco

With Ran! Really happy that I'm able to drive my family around especially with the Scirocco, because it's really smooth. My dad love driving it too. I think I'm going to have a car withdrawal syndrome after returning it.

chomp chomp food

After dad returned with parking coupons, it's time for food at Chomp Chomp! Fried oysters!

chomp chomp food

Satay bee hoon!

chomp chomp food

BBQ chicken wings omg loving it!

chomp chomp food


randy and dad drinking beer

The 2 that always drink tsk!

typicalben and mum drinking sugar cane

Oh mum why are you looking so sian lol!

typicalben randy selfie

Went to Mustafa for late night shopping!

Ovaltine cereal

Ovaltine cereal! We bought 1 box to try.

mustafa shopping

We also bought some of these drinks that we never tried before. I also bought some travel size fragrance too!

typicalben randy mum mustafa

My love!

typicalben side view

Can you believe where we were going after that? For supper omg!

prawn noodles

Prawn noodles for supper! Comfort food! ;)

cheng teng

Had cheng teng for dessert! Then we all went back home because we were all really tired out!

Nothing beats spending quality time with my family and I'm glad all of us had fun travelling around, shopping, exploring and eating together. It's nice to bring my parents around to try different things because they don't get to do that very often. I urge you all to find some time off your busy schedule and spend time with your family. Life is so fragile and you will never know what will happen the next second. Thank you for reading as always, more update will be coming up soon! Hope you enjoyed this long entry! :D

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  1. 我很认真的读完了哈哈哈哈
    Seriously I like this kind of blogging style~ ya sometimes the photo quality not a big matter~ 可以看到你分享你的生活就觉得很棒了哈哈
    大半夜的 发那么多食物真的让人肚子很饿
    明天我也要买rojak吃了 哈哈哈

    1. Omg 谢谢你!I'll update more often! :D

  2. Anonymous1:12 am

    so much energy and so shuai. 😍😍😍

    1. Actually my parents are the ones with lots of energy lol! ;D

  3. Anonymous1:14 am

    so much energy and so shuai :)

  4. Anonymous12:04 am

    I would choose long entries over high quality photos all day everyday~ Love the update, and looking forward your future updates ^-^

  5. Can't wait to blog about my Singapore trip later this year! I need to get tickets!! Do you think you could suggest hidden gems that I can visit?

    Cheers from the Philippines!


    1. Welcome to Singapore! ;) Remember to visit hawker centre for delicious food. There are a few hidden gems in Singapore that many of us don't really visit, if you are interested (and don't wanna do shopping), you can google for a few places! Can't wait to visit Philippines in the near future too!

    2. Hawker center, got it! I finally got my tickets for October! Hopefully it won't be too hot so I can walk around your city!

      Can't wait to see what you think of the PH when you do visit!