Penang trip

March 19, 2016

typicalben airport

Nothing beats a spontaneous trip! Went to Penang for a short getaway with Peishi last week! ;)

typicalben luggage

My airport fashion for this trip, in sweater and sweatpants with my newly bought cabin luggage! Got it a day before my trip as my previous cabin luggage was spoilt. I guess I'm too used to checking in my huge luggage all the time haha.

air plane window view

I can never get tired of this view. Window seats ftw!

air plane window view

Always in awe of the clouds formations, such a beauty.

typicalben speishi flight

With Peishi on flight!

airport sim card

After landing, we got the data sim-card at these counters. Randy told us that it will be cheaper with more data if we get it outside but for those who didn't want the hassle, you can just get it here.

penang airport car

Took a taxi and off to our hotel! Our hotel is located at Batu Ferringhi Beach area!

typicalben mirror reflection

Changed to shorts and it's time for dinner.

long beach penang

Went to Long Beach which is near our hotel. Fried oysters!

long beach penang

BBQ chicken wings.

long beach penang

Prawn noodles but without... prawn???? Only noodles hahaha!

long beach penang

Stingray which tasted like curry. Food isn't that fantastic as it's a touristy dining place.

hard rock hotel room service penang

Wasn't really satisfied with our dinner and we called for room service after we washed up.

hard rock hotel penang room

Woke up to this view in the morning. #lifecannotgetanybetter

typicalben george town street art

Our first stop was Armenian Street, the street of art in George Town.

george town street art

Armenian Street is a street in the inner city of George Town and within the core zone of the Unesco World Heritage Site. Really happy to be able to explore the area although the sun was scorching hot.

typicalben armenian street

How beautiful is this omg.

typicalben george town street art

The famous "Little Children on a Bicycle" mural! When we went there, it was already crowded with people!

waffles penang

We then left to Gurney Paragon for some shopping and dessert.

joo hood cafe

Since we are in the city area, we decided to go and have authentic Penang food!

penang laksa

Penang laksa! Loves it!

penang chendol

Delicious chendol!

penang friend oyster

Fried oysters!

penang fried kway siao

Fried kway tiao which is just so-so.

penang rojak

Penang rojak!

penang chendol stall

The famous chendol stall with long queue.

typicalben penang

Walked down to Penang road to explore.

typicalben penang

speishi typicalben

With my "acting all chio" partner-in-crime.

penang snacks

Shopping around for snacks as Peishi wanted to get some for her family.

penang snacks

typicalben penang shopping

Guess who sneaked this shot? :D

andrew's kampung

Back to Batu Ferringhi area and went to Andrew's Kampung for dinner because of all the good reviews!

andrew kampung penang

Tom yum soup.

andrew kampung penang

Fried rice!

andrew kampung penang

Marmite chicken.

andrew kampung penang

Kangkong! The food was pretty good. I think it's one of the better food places to go to if you're staying in Batu Ferringhi area.


The next day, we stayed in the hotel for spa and chill before flying back to Singapore.

hard rock hotel penang spa

Finally it's time for massage yay!

xbox game

Went to play xbox too! Quite boring because I always win her lol. #loserpeishi

hard rock cafe food

We also went to have small bites before flying off! I might be coming back to Penang again soon in the near future. I know we didn't explore much of Penang, so if you have any suggestions on where I should go the next time I visit Penang, do let me know! Will really go try them out next time! Thank you all! ;)

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  1. great photos of your trip. how exciting. love the fashionable clothing.

  2. many places still didnt visit like penang hill , kekloksi and many many! hehe~! and the night hawker food stall in town area cn try if u guys visit PEnang agn, hope to meet u guys agn ! ;)

  3. Beautiful photos, and the barbecue chicken wings look delicious! :)