5 Insta-Worthy Spot Around High Street - Singapore

November 20, 2017

Forget touristy shots with murals along Haji Lane or extremely posed pictures in Library@Orchard. It’s safe to say that selfies in those places are now cliche and flooding our Instagram feed. We get it, you really like them (me too actually haha) - but it’s time to move on to the creme la de creme - the one district with insane instagram-worthy spots. Yes, we have scoured the entire of High Street and it’s neighbouring places and what we found is gold.

So, here’s one district with 5 instagrammable spots that are so cool, our hearts actually ache for it.

Central​ ​Fire​ ​Station

Central​ ​Fire​ ​Station
Image credit: BV Wedding Photography

This firehouse has got to be the coolest fire house in the history of firehouses. With red bricks and white trim throughout the building, it looks exactly like a lego fire station or straight off a cartoon series. The fact that it’s an actual running firehouse makes this spot the definite winner and the cool factor undeniable. Oh, and who knows while you’re busy taking pictures of yourself - you might just find the fireman of your dreams? ;)

Fort​ ​Canning

fort canning park
Image credit: curbed.com

If you’re tired of the high-rise buildings and the colourful shophouses on your instagram feed, take a stroll in the park or head over to Fort Canning for a quick session of selfie-taking for what’s about to be the most magical photo on your profile. Think Edward Cullen in the forest, basking in the sun with his top off looking all glittery and shiny - and that’s half of what you’re gonna get minus all the cringe-ness if you do it well. This steps that lead to the top of Fort Canning from the carpark of the new Fort Canning MRT is breathtaking especially if you have the hanging rooted-tree in the back of your photo. It looks as if you’re in the Amazon Forest. Not really, but close enough where we’re at.

Elgin​ ​Bridge

Elgin​ ​Bridge Night
Image credit: skyscrapercity.com

At night, the Elgin Bridge is one of the most scenic bridges, if not the most scenic bridge in Singapore. The colourful lights from the bridge illuminates the entire of Boat Quay and a tiny portion of the Singapore River. It perfectly encapsulates the theme of the Quay area - where most of Singapore’s night life happens. Especially after you’re tired from a night of dancing at Canvas’ The Bronx, and you’re just dying to feel the night wind in your hair while hanging out on the Elgin Bridge waiting for your ride home. I promise you, it cannot get any better than admiring the illuminated waters at 3 in the morning.

The​ ​Co.​ ​office,​ ​High​ ​Street

the co High Street

typicalben the co High Street

Lo and behold, this premium working space is an internationally award winning co-sharing workspace at High Street and has been featured on too many articles to name. Walking into the lobby, also known as, the Magnet Bar, would make you feel like you’re in the most glamorous building in New York. Wait till you get to the basement. All I know is I went speechless the minute the lift opened to the basement and the only thing I could think of was “this looks like the headquarters in Men In Black” - minus Will Smith, of course, but way cooler and the white on white on white interiors
and furnishings, and the purple lights are - out of this world. I mean, don’t we all wish that’s our office? And would you just look at that spectacular white spiral staircase leading down to the basement.

Steps​ ​of​ ​National​ ​Gallery

steps of national gallery
Image credit: theweddingscoop.com

No one really cares if you actually visit the National Gallery of Singapore but we promise a photo of you on the steps of the museum itself would "blow" your notifications. Plus, you may be able to get away with tricking your followers you’re at the MET steps in New York (where all the drama involving only the Manhattan’s elite took place). Don’t mind my Gossip Girl reference but good lord, who doesn’t want to feel as though they’re on the steps of the actual MET steps while pretending your dad is a real estate tycoon as you gorge on a thousand dollar froyo with your thousand dollar beret on.

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