my darlin concert !!!

January 15, 2006

u all surely wun believe now ish 4plus am of 15 jan and i'm now at DOWNTOWN EAST. and i'm like now all alone here typin this blog as i wan to make sure i'm goin to say out EVERTHIN of my darlin concert.

for 13th jan. IGNTS. i'm like totally STUCKK at jm house lar. badd day alright. so better not say.

14th of jan ish my darlin arhhsziis de concert! we bought lightstick and stuff and time seems like pass so fast lor. her concert lasted abt 2hr15mins plus ? and t's short okay!!!

we saw zoe tay. peter chen. fang zhong huaa.ETC. lol. and zoe ish like so chioo-ish and friendly. my darlin last song ish 'The Moment' and we of course did encoree and she came out and sing 'Lu Guang+Meng Bu Luo' and LASTLY. ' sky dark dark' =x .

and everythin was funn with da fc and stufff.


due to some reason i cant completeee my update there. i just woke up not long ago. aiya! lazy to type. anyway cheeers =D

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