sarky day.

January 16, 2006

my day totally SARKS. 16th of jan. sarks like hell alright. i went workin early in da morningg ardd 5plus am with crows screaminn right above mee.
oppps. did i use da right word screamin ? arghhs. okay. crowws = bad luckk. i dunch realli believe tt but today. i went work and i did everythin wrongg! spillled over da 'steamed milk' and so so so much stuff. i went for delivery and i walk da wrong way. when comin back tt time keep ask ardd. i walk to ann siang hill there and i was like. WTF !
totally wrong lor. i ran back cause i dunch wan to be too long outside as the shop ish sure darn busy one wat. done with duties and eat double cheese with onionn. PLUS HAMM ! wahaha. i made for myself ice caramel latte. and done with mixed fruit stuff and WENT HOME.
but today was like BADD LAR. i know it myself. lucky eve, david, tommy today all like so nicey. they didn scold me leh -.- . which i feel so weirdd. and they even ask how i amm. awww. tml must do well alright ! (:
LOL. my signaturee for all my fanss. actualli needa thks queen and lala. just thks. (:
anyway da FC ppl say i quiet leh. haha. but i'm like realli quiet at there lar. ppl keep ask me. u normally also tt quite de ar ! OF COURSE =x .
whahahaa. okay i know i'm not. but i dunch know why when with them i'll be like so quiet. anyway i can be more talkative and siao than shihui lor. but i dunch know leh. haha. if i like tt ar. spoil my image. cause i now got fans liao mar. wahahaha. must got xinggg xiangg.
song list for yanzi concert will be up andd
pics i will attacheed soonn. or maybe NEVER. lol. cause i lazy ya ? =x
just a gentle reminderr. MY BDAY ISH COMIN !!! 28 of jan okay. dunch on tt day kay siao say forget. wahahahaas. jkjks. goin off noww.

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