February 18, 2006

it's been long since i updated. everythin has been great. i guess.

for my o's result. my R5 was 24 ande R4 was 17. it's kinda BADDDD. but i'm glad i didn let miss chew and mdm rohaini down cause i got B3 for chem and A2 for combined hum. IT'S LIKE !! OMGG. me studiedd theme 4 which didn come out at all lar. but i managedd to get a A2 =DD HAPPI !!

my last day at The Sandwhich Shop was badd. but i'll miss them like madddd. me now ducnh feel like workinnn. ermms. but findin some easy ones will be quite okay with mee. (:

erhh. li xiang qing rennn (:

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