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September 24, 2006

hey people.

back to blogging. since today is my off day (:

many of us love fast food. but I SUPER HATE LJS!

"got drinks and fries and chicken and it's so cheap 3plus bucks only"


#1: they re-use the chili/tomato sauce. it's okay to re-use, but they wash it with detergent. dont ask me why i know about it. i just know. but they re-use it too many times or wash it to many times until that the chili/tomato sauce packet become soggy and always sticky. it's unhygenic.

#2: their food isnt fresh at all!
so what's with that 'FRESH SEAFOOD TASTE'?
if you want fresh seafood. i rather you go Fish&Co. it's much more fresher than LJS larh. their fish isnt fresh, so do their chicken. they use the lousiest chicken breast meat they could ever find larh.

#3: dont ask for too much stuff at LJS. they would give lots of reason not to give. they dont give as much tartar sauce as we want. go to macdonlds and how much different kind of sauces you want. they will give it to you. i'm so pissed yesterday, cause i bought that potato chips and they say it comes with the cheesy sauces. CHEESE LEH! but they give me PATHETIC SUPER little. it just cover some of the chips only. when i ask for more, they ask me to BUY the cheesy sauce at 50 cents. i was like WHAT THE HELL -.-

#4: they have limited trays. they would collect the trays back whenever they see trays on the table. maybe this doesnt applies to all outlets. but there are outlets like this. you will feel pissed when you're eating halfway and suddenly they interupt just to get the trays.

#5: their service sucks. i mean not all, but some. maybe because their pay is super low? so they give such a service. do they have delivery? ._.

#6: i think LJS is sort of budget. they didnt give "trays paper"? (those paper which is place on trays one larh. AND SUPER BUDGET. YES I'M BIAS!

THE LIST CAN GO ON! SO WHAT IF IT'S CHEAP? i'll still eat LJS, but not as frequent. maybe once in like few months? i rather eat macdonalds. MCSPICY!!!!~~~

above is all my personal views and it's MINE. so if you like LJS as much as you like sex then like larhh -__________- enjoy~

[EDITED// some pictures were taken down for the above post]

and now, the nicey nicey short hair pictures(:

more pictures would be up soon? i've got no much time. busy busy. thanks people for reading and tagging (:

and i didnt forget about the replies =DD

lex: finally! and i came across your blog through ying xuan's blog i think (:
Jess: of course not. too much to count larh. =DD
mark-cus: i update already. haha. anyway all your pictures nicey nice man.
keYING: eh. the two pictures of myself is the one with the shorter hair. anyway i'm not eating alone now anymore! =DD
sharon: looks like you right! study larh. small kid =p
zixiang: i wun tell you! and i look innocent now also larh! not only when i'm in secondary two and how you get to see my secondary two pictures? or?
vivian: LOL. i also think like this sia! like people keep watching you. anyway i relink you already =D
pinkbee: LOL. HOW ARE YOU HUH! cant wait for zi album to be out! tuesday leh -.- somemore i got work. hope i can buy it on that day man.
IMJORDUS: joreyyy~ it's your friend dont you remember? hahahaaahaa~
lizzy: thanks! haha. and thanks for reading by blog tooo. hope you enjoy reading(:
grandpa: SON? should be grandson -.-" you never sms me or talk to me how i update you!! you also takecare arhh! miss crapping online with you xD
xin: i miss your black hair spary and i relink you already =D
ryan: -.-" one word. lol. anyway my short hair picture is up. the two picture. hope you're doing great =D



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