vibrating randomly

September 16, 2006

hey people. i have been working since monday and working up till now everything is going quite smoothly, i guess =x. but i have the feeling that my legs are going to break. it's like SUPER damn freaking painful. maybe because i'm wearing my band boots -.-"

please dont ask me why i wear that. we have been standing from the start of the work to the end of work. which is sometimes like 11+ hours. apart from the legs issue. everything have been so great i guess.

where are you working at ? what you work as ? -.-"

i didnt want to say where i'm working at because i dont want lar! cause it's like super pai seh =p

so please understand (:

if we have fate, you'll see me by chance. since i already saw so many people liao. haha. anyway people, i'm carrying the position as 'Sales Associate'.

yesterday my work ends at 6.30pm. YAY! and i went to BUM to buy some shirts and pants. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THE SALES GIRL TOLD ME! she says i'm cute =DDD

and she say if the size cannot can go back and change although it cannot be exchange cause they having sales. (:

even if she doesnt mean what she say but at least that made my day! well, i guess she really mean it larh =p

there are many 'cute' customers around. one very fine example.

CUSTOMER A: 'WAH. you after school come work huh?'

BENTOH: 'no larh. i now having holidays *smile*'

CUSTOMER A: 'HUH! now secondary school having holidays meah?'

BENTOH: 'haha. i in poly not secondary'

CUSTOMER A: ' oh. i thought you now secondary three only leh'

wahahahaa. it's like so oh my ass right !!! i look young indeed. =x maybe because i just cut my hair. maybe (:

from dont know when, i'm strongly against people who eat alone. i mean THEY NO FRIENDS AR? and the worse thing is that when it's lunch time THEY CANT EVEN GET A PLACE FOR GOD SAKE!

but I MUST EAT ALONE FOR THIS JOB CAN -.-" but up till now i feel it's okay to eat alone ONLY IF YOU ARE WORKING AND THE COMPANY DOESNT LET YOU ALL TO EAT TOGETHER! that's fine. but not EATING ALONE WHEN YOU'RE OUT TO SHOPPING. i will feel so -.-"

maybe that's me. NOT YOU (:

i'll be working again tomorow. OHMAN! it's fun but tiring. have been doing alot of cashiering. but i can sms larh. so got anything can sms me. although i might not reply you =p

thanks people for reading and tagging. and guess what! i'm going to reply all your tags again!!! =DD

cause many say that it's RUDE not to reply people's tag.(which i dont thinks so)

but anyway if there's anything or whatever stuff you can just just TAGG me!! i will reply ALL and i mean ALL who tagg at the next entry. and i'm still doing my new skins with the help of some friends, cause i think my skin is like so ugly >.<

let me end with a nicey picture.

it's not me.

but someone which will

make you laugh! (i hope) =D



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