the junk and junks

October 28, 2006

hey people! back to blog again (: this is not for you or you, is for ALL of you.

sometimes is not that i dont want to explain myself. is just that i dont think there's a need to do so. so be it if you people want to misunderstand me. thinking back. i didnt remember the last time since i feel sad. that's super donkey long time ago. no, i'm not sad or emo now. i just feel that i'm freaking PRO LAH! trust me. i never felt a single tinge of sadness since ages ago.

being happy all day long doesnt mean problems would not happen. people tend to change, sometimes we should really forget the past and look forward. no point dwelling on the past which is not possible anymore. we will get hurt in the end. seriously, the both of us.

yes. i will not feel good when you say something hurtful. even you put it in a nicer tone. well. so what's with you that people like me so much. so do i have to tell every single girls who show interest to me? doesnt mean that you like that something, everyone will like it. i'm unlike people who tell and show off around about how many people like him or her.

i'm sick of listening to all these. i'll feel disgusted and feel that "why is that person keep on like showing off ahh!" therefore i dont want people to feel disgusted of me, i rather keep it to myself. sometimes it's not really that good to keep too quiet. people will think otherwise.

me myself know about all my stuff. i dont really need to share this kind of stuff to you people. oh please. you all will sure get sick of it if i tell you. dont have to worry about me 'boarding the wrong bus'. i know you all are worried. but i have my freedom to make more friends. that doesnt mean anything. yes. they're nice to me. but i didnt fall for them. not up till the extent lah.

no. i didnt add people. i hate people accusing me of adding people in friendster and msn. i didnt add any single one. or maybe yes, if they are my friends or friend's friend? but not those strangers. people add me and it's their own wish. i respect and make friends with them. stop thinking that you're in the 80's. peeople now are more open.

i cannot commit myself into something for long. therefore i'm like always the one ending up those stuff first. i get bored of stuff easily. normally i'm always not the one making the first move. yes, say that i'm not a guy! let girls make the first move. then i'll tell you dont make the first move lah! i hate people pointing fingers at each other. i hate to blame each other. the situation sucks.

indeed. i shouldnt be so nice to everyone. alot of people get the wrong idea and stuff. but that's me. why want me to change? so be it if you get the wrong idea. i shall always be myself.

i think i'm getting emo.

actually i wanted to blog about the trip to Vivo City. but in the end end up writing this junk. okayokay! next entry alrights! i'll flood you all with pictures! got to go sleep already. tomorrow still got work >.< takecare everyone.


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