so much better than classic

October 24, 2006

hey everyone (:

i'm not dead yet. just that i didnt have the time to blog! alrights. everything has been good! school rocks! but i cannot be late anymore. i'm late almost everyday. i'll try to wake up on time. or why not you people give me morning call. LOL. maybe that would help =x

i'm going to vivo city later. i'm sure it will be super packed. cause today is a public holiday! and the reason for me to have the time to blog is that they keep change the time
-_____________- as they have something on. WTH! but at least i can blog! so that's something good.

one week before school reopen. we went out almost everydayyyyyyyyyyy~

we saw a room which let people to try their paint and so .......

we took a number of pictures but most of the pictures lindy took for me is all blur!!

we indeed had lots of fun =D and i went to use the pink paint to write something over the green one =x see if you could figure out what i'm writing =p

it's raining now. the haze is getting better and better! ohwell. i bought lots of stuff recently! shirts shirts shirts :D

wantd to buy mp3 cause mine already spoilt -.- OHMAN. but it's okay. since i'm working now. save up and i can buy real soon! it's been tiring studying and working at the same time. but great thing that from this week onwards i only work on friday, saturday and sunday (:

alright! that's all for now! guess i'm running late. going to VIVO CITY! see you people there cause alot of people told me that they are going there too. takecare and i'll update real soon! HAHA. thanks for reading and tagging.


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