A&A hair

May 25, 2007

Let me talk about something which is more personal and alittle more sensitive than usual.

The topic on HAIR.

Hair in general can be a very wide topic and can have alot to talk about. Cause there are many different types of hair.

Pubic hair, Facial hair, Unwanted hair, etc.

Well, but today I'm going to talk about something in detail.

A&A hair. (Armpit and Anus hair)

You should be wondering why am I going to talk about A&A hair.
it all started by ....

A group of boys (A,B,C)
were in the MRT going to orchard.

They saw a young lady, wearing spaghetti stripe.
She is around the age of 20, boarding the train at a specify station.

Lets say Dover (Okay that's not important).

*In the train*

C: "OEI OEI! SEE SEE! Not bad eh that char bor! Quite chio ah?!"

B: "WAH! yah lor. quite chio leh. Her neh neh(Boobs) quite BIG also leh! HAHA!"

A: "WAHKAO! CHIO is CHIO but look at her now!"

*The lady was actually trying to tie up her hair, therefore her both hands were up*

A: "Her armpit also very CHIO ah?! So many hair!"


C: "Very turn off leh! She don't know how to shave one meah!"

Actually Armpit hair is a common topic.

Anyone, no matter a man or women who see a women with armpit hair can be a total turn off.
The first impression will drop drastically.

I asked my mum why is that so? When we see a women's armpit with hair we will feel disgusted and stuff.

She says,
"Actually last time women with armpit hair is okay one. No people would laugh or say. But as the time changes more and more people care about their image and women wants to look better and look cleaner therefore they went to remove the hair under their arm. That's why now whenever you all see women with armpit hair you will laugh or think its unglam or so."

That's her explanation.

Also i think that people would want to remove their armpit hair is also because to prevent unwanted body odour!

People hate smelly armpits :D

This picture above might be alittle too over. But just to let you see the IMPACT of how armpit hair can make people think of you.

What about celebrity?

That's worse right?

Pluck, Wax, IPL, Shave? I know there is still many other more ways to remove unwanted hair under your arms.

But PLUCKING it off your armpit seems very painful.

My friends told me they usually pluck it off because the hair when grow out again wouldn't be that coarse. Also its the most cost effective method to remove it!

Wonder why most human would tend to notice that part?!

Maybe its a part where not everytime you get to see it.

Unlike your face, your hands, your nose, your fingers, your legs, your ears, your your your your ...... YES. and the list goes on.

Like as if there's someone who would always raise their hands high up in the air showing his or her armpit for 24/7. And also the clothes you wear actually makes the part covered up.
Therefore, the chances of seeing the armpit is very little.

That's why whenever someone raise their hands or whenever there is a chance that you can get to see the armpit of a person you will look at it for sure!

Am i right?


Don't lie! I know it alright! Be truthful to yourself.


I laughed when my friend ask me, Anus got hair one meah? She find it absurd that hair would grow around the anus.

Then i went home and Googled it.

Actually at first i Googled "Asshole Hair".

The results are all blogs or website scolding each other and stuff.

Then i remember asshole = anus?
I'm not sure is that right but anyway that's what i found after i googled it!

Dear TeenHealthFX,

Is it normal to have a hairy anus around that area? Is it in both men and women?

Signed: Curious About Hairy Anus


Dear Curious About Hairy Anus,

It is normal to have hair on the anus and that area. Like any of your pubic regions like your chest and armpits, you will grow hair. Your butt and your genital area are no different. Some men have very hairy chests, arms and legs depending upon their genetics. These men will likely have more hair in the anal region as well.

If you have hair in this region you are not alone. Both men and women get hair on and around their anus and it is completely natural.

Signed: TeenHealthFX


Are you trying to find out whether your anus has any hair now?

Okay. But just remember to wash your hands after this.

So now we all know that actually we do have hair in the area around our anus. But thinking of the shit that will actually run through all your hair around that area, we can come out with a question!

QUESTION: Which part of your hair is the dirtiest?

Of course your answer will be .....


Try asking your friends after you read this entry. I bet they didn't even will think of it! Who the hell will think of anus hair?! Not even me myself, before i wrote this entry alright?

Stop thinking that I'm a sicko.

SIDE TRACK: Allow me to side track alittle. My handphone suddenly just cant even turn on! I have to go service it soon cause now i'm using back the first phone i ever got in my life. THE BLACK AND WHITE MONOTONE PHONE. No camera, songs and everything. Also, Chinese O Level is on this coming Monday. Do study hard for it! and i wish my brother and everyone who is taking the paper, all the best! :D


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