Look at this!

May 28, 2007


Actually i wanted you all to look at the toilet bowl below. But i know you people would rather look at the cute baby photo than the toilet bowl! Therefore i decided to put up the baby photo first!

This toilet bowl seems so normal right?

but the toilet bowl is .....

very ....



We went excited over the small toilet bowl when we saw it at Tampines's IKEA. Yes, i actually went there again with the fact that i was there a few weeks back. But we didn't saw the small toilet bowl that time!

Of course it's for children! I wonder how an grown up adult do their business using this small toilet bowl. Cause i guess the waste they produce would actually fill the whole toilet bowl up.

Now to food! From toilet bowl to food is totally no link but


I always buy few hundred grams or sometimes just 50 grams and eat it just like that. I don't like it to be eaten with bread or even toasting it with the oven.


Say bye bye to toilet bowl and ham! Not forgetting the adorable baby! Cause it's webcam time again!

I always have fun playing with webcam and i really get very HIGH and super HIGH. Well, just sometimes luh! Anyway for all the webcam pictures below i didn't photoshoped it, the colour is all due to the adjustment we made to our webcam :D

Below is the picture where i got extremely HIGH and i crazily went jumping around on my bed!

Now for the not so high ones.

and i use my phone to take the picture too!

In case you didn't notice, I already cut my hair!
So now no more BOB hair!

I think this BOB hair picture is freaking not nice. I'm saying the picture and not my hair. Cause i think i still do love the hairstyle though! But many don't agree with me.

They say i have a mushroom head -.-!


Lindy wanted to take photos for her projects, so we went to the sports complex to take a few pictures.

Below are the few pictures she took!

and some are (i think) super nice :D

A candid shot!

and if i turn green and blend with the trees and grasses ...

Not nice! Skinny Hulk! HAHAHAHAHA!

I think my left leg spoilt the picture above.

Alright! Ending off with the one that i like the most among all! :D


UPDATE (28May,6.37pm): I now have the urge to reply many many comments for this entry! :D :D :D :D

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