Bye Bye Bye Bye!

July 20, 2007

Bye Bye Great Singapore Sales! :D

I love sales but sometimes sales will make me feel so stupid. It's like when you bought the item months before and now you saw it on sales and it is much cheaper by alot!

How will you feel?

I will feel so .... 'Damnit'!

The thought of 'I should have bought it during sales time' always come to my mind when I'm in this situation.

BUT .. After that, I always will tell myself that I had already own the item for so long! And if people buy it now, it's alright. Cause I own it before they do. Sometimes,

you have to lie to yourself to make yourself happier! :D


Are you feeling hungry now?

I'm feeling so hungry now!

and ............

I want to eat Mussels!!!!!!!

But not everyone like to eat Mussels though, many of my friends don't really like it and some didn't even eat before! It's really nice! You all should try it one day alright :D

Gosh, I'm really hungry!!!

UPDATE (6:10PM): I'm in school! Still in school! Today is 20072007! 20/07/2007! I didn't notice until Linda's friend message and tell her that! :D


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