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July 21, 2007

Wearing FBT shorts to school is okay what!

Due to laziness, I just dress comfortably to school that day. When I just got down from the bus, my friend already commented me on my dressing! Then, I receive a message from Jiawei telling me that he saw me at the bus stop and didn't know that I can be that unglam.

Actually I wore my secondary school's PE shorts to school for many times before! Sometimes even for exam. As you know it's very tiring to dress nicely everyday. Especially when you are really tired or you are running late for school.

But this is the first time I wore this FBT shorts to school cause I just bought it! And I bought it at $9 only! Cheap right?! The difference of wearing FBT and my PE shorts is that this shorts is quite short and transparent.

But I don't see other FBT shorts that transparent before? Maybe mine is the low quality kind, if not how come it only sell for $9! And everyone was like telling me,

'You must well can don't wear any shorts to school lah'!

But so what? It's super comfortable :D

Went to Chinatown after school with Linda
(Yes yes, with my FBT shorts), cause she need to buy some stuff for her project. And I think my sandals found his long lost twins along the way! hahahhaha!


Everyday after school = TOWN! :D

That really accumulates up the tiredness we had! But it's really fun cause I get to buy alot of stuff! hahahahaha!

I want to watch The Simpson's movie!!

Oh yah! I caught Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Tuesday and I seriously think that it's better than Transformers although nobody agree with me till now!

I bought this Simpson tee shirt! Nice right? Although many might saw all these tee, cause it is selling at a typical boutique. But I think I won't really bump into alot of people wearing the same Simpson tee as me cause mine is the Kids design!

Kids and adults have different design and I got myself the kids largest size and it fits just nice! Maybe alittle small! But it's okay cause I don't wear oversize shirt now. And the design for kids is definitely much nicer than the adults!

The other design of the Simpson tee shirt I bought!


Talking about movies right!
We caught transformer the other day for just $5!

Yes! $5 ! I'm not kidding! $5 everyday!

It is at JUBILEE, Ang Mo Kio. Just a few minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio Hub! Do thank me for this wonderful piece of information which can really help you save alot! hahahaha!

My brother told me the Jack&Jill potato chips has cute stuff inside as a gift and it's really cute! It is a handphone cleaner strap! And it has 30 designs to collect from.

It is the design of what we have now!

Bought Ben&Jerry's in school cause suddenly I'm craving for it and I remember that there's many people who owe me a treat to Ben&Jerry's! I don't want to eat from the tub anymore!


Lasty, 3 fantabulous pictures to end of my random random random random random entry of today!

UPDATE : For the movies at Jubilee, Ang Mo Kio right! I was told that for new movies the price is at $6.50, only after few weeks the movie is shown the price will be at $5! So don't kill me if you went there and they charge you $6.50! But $6.50 also cheap right?! Cheaper than other cinema okay!


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  1. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Can i have ur sexy fbt shorts please.....watsapp me ok