September 04, 2007

5 of us went to COMEX IT FAIR together! Namely, Lindy, Shao Wei, Isaac and Yi Yang. But I met up Isaac first cause the rest is either still working or still sleeping at home :)

We reach Suntec around 6plus to 7, which means we do not have much time to go around every single booth to look at everything! Yeah, damnit!

My aim is to get a camera by the end of the day! Thanks to all of them for accompanying me the whole day looking at the different brands of cameras. And so ...

I finally narrowed down to either: Nikkon, Canon or Sony?

Aiya! After much consideration, I think I like Sony Cyber-shot T20 better than the rest. Cause before coming to this IT FAIR right, I did go around to take a look at Canon and many many other brands of cameras.

Canon design doesn't appeal much to me even though it's good. For Nikon it's cheap and nice too but I still don't really like it! Every promoter there kept on preaching about how good is theirs not not others.

BAH! But what matter the most is ME, MYSELF LIKE THE CAMERA right?! :D

And so Sony Cyber-shot T20 still appeal to me the most!


(But was really tempted to get the white one at first)

I almost forgotten to blog about the pictures that we went to find Esther, as she is working there!

But the sad thing is that the 5 of us didn't take any pictures together, as we were all busy looking at the great deals and good buy at the IT FAIR!

I didn't take much pictures of that day too! Too elated and excited that day already lah! *Smile*


I finally got myself a camera!!!!!! Now I can finally say good bye to all the lousy quality pictures! :D


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