September 05, 2007

Receive an e-mail from one of my reader, Jessica. She send me the pictures of her dog, which is a pig-dog.

PIG-DOG? I really never seen this breed dog before!

As you can see this breed of dog is having a normal head of a dog but a body of a pig. WOAH!!

Look very cute right? Was wondering to myself, how come there's this kind of dog?

Is it because a pig and a dog had sex together before? :x

So I went to Goggle to find more pictures and information of the dog! And due to my horror, these is all what I've found!

Yes, a 'pig' on a dog

Seriously, a pig-dog is not pig&dog! -.-

p/s: I'm finally done with editing my class BBQ pictures, will update it the next entry! :)


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