the sweeeeeetest thing.

September 28, 2007

MUAHAHHA. Whenever I've got the urge to write, I will really have alot to write and I can type non stop. So before going bed tonight, I feel like blogging and so I did!

I'm so gonna treat this as my diary (it actually is what!).

One question, do you all still remember the sweetest thing that someone ever do for you?

I guess everyone will just link themselves back to their boyfriend or girlfriend? Yah, no doubt that they really do all the sweet things for you. Something that you always yearn and look forward to, for them to being sweet.

Caring? Romantic?

I can still remember, like it happen last year. Was out with Lindy and Brandy to Esplanade. And I'm just kidding or maybe not, saying that I miss and feel like seeing that particular someone right now.

So Lindy as crazy as she is, went to sms and told the person. And guess what? The person appear right in front of my face half hour later. Which brings me a wide smile, from my heart.

Sweet huh? Totally.

Like sending you cake to your workplace, buying and exchanging sweets.

Too many infatuation cases which actually happen to me lah.

Well, I cannot forget my first (serious) girl though. I guess she's the sweetest one of all.

Too bad we're still young and just so NOOB at relationship stuff at those days, or maybe it's just me. I'm so so suckish at that time. All I do is make her cry but I really didn't flirt leh!

She really touched my heart alot! There was once she wrote stuff in a book which she gave it to me on Valentine's Day, I think. Which made my eyes tears naturally while reading it and I was awfully touched after reading it.

Even after we broke up, when she knows I'm having sore throat. She went to buy Strepsils (Orange flavour!) for me and pass it to me in class. Thinking it's no big deal? It's like she just knew it when she woke up in the morning preparing to school and she bought it before she came to school.

I didn't know whether she was late for that anot. But SWEET!

There's still so much she has done for me, so so much.

Not only sweet stuff can be done by your another half! Many of us just take for granted when your friends or family being sweet to you. You thought that it's natural, it's normal.

I know it myself and I did try not to take them for granted.

Friends who clean bird shit for me, who listen to all my rants, guide me and lead me to the right way, ettttttccccccccccccc.


Aiya, I shouldn't elaborate more on my family. Everyone knows that my family is really close and CAN BE THE "ROLE MODEL FAMILY" FOR EVERYONE LIAO LOR!

WAAHAHAHAHHA. So what more I've to say?


This has been uploaded like ages ago, but didn't have the chance to blog about it. Well, some nice illusion to enjoy!

Cardiff Bay Illusion

Cardiff Bay barrage visitors would definitely love the art that Swiss artist felice Varini and his team created. Seen at a certain angle, the large optical illusion would render into a public art which would fascinate unknowing visitors .


Death Ad Illusion

A "Be careful" Ad illusion. It lets people know they should be more careful on how they use those stairs...


Elevator Floor Illusion

Going into this elevator would certainly makes one nervous. A sign at the entrance cautions the people that goes in about work in progress. A more detailed look shows that the floor has been painted with an illusion that there is no floor.


Shadow Illusion

Turning garbage into complex and visually arresting sculptural installations, Noble and Webster exploit, manipulate and transform base materials, often using self-portraiture to undermine the "celebrated" authorship of the artist. This artwork is called "Dirty White Trash", Six months' worth of the artists' rubbish.


Transparent Street Signs Illusion

Chicago artist Cayetano Ferrer paints street signs with images of its immediate background, thus giving them the illusion of transparency.


Since you all know about mine already, tell me the sweetest stuff that someone ever did it for you! Don't be shy leh, putting Anonymous is good enough.

Must share share mahhhh! :)


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  1. haha somehow i randomly found your blog todae...found this entry very interesting...
    to me, the sweet things come from the act of appreciating my thought/love/care for them (: and of course they show love/care back (: