September 26, 2007

YAY! My carving for ice cream hasn't been stopping for weeks already. I've been eating ice cream every single day!

Sometimes, every minutes and every seconds =x

Yah, I sound alittle ridiculous here.

Well, I didn't go for work today cause I couldn't wake myself up. Was feeling very tired. And Saturday will be my last day of work! -3 more days to go-

Totally great!!!!! Cause after Saturday, I will be TOTALLY FREE and then I can blog every single day!

HAHAHAHAAA. The reason why I say that is because my mum rather me to stay at home to blog every single day than me going out. That's totally crazy.

I will go out of course, to enjoy my last 2 weeks of holidays.

Met up with Lindy for KBOX session weeks back.

It's pretty fun as usual! Here you go for the pictures:

My "bag" for that day!

Was singing a duet song with her and look what happens when I just sing part of the lyrics wrongly ...

p/s: The video is pretty dark, but thats not the main focus :)


Yes, she's pretty crazy and I know that.

After our KBOX session, we went around and cam whore alittle before we head back home.

I love this picture though it's blurred.


To end off this entry, here's 3 random shot of myself.

For now, I prefer ice cream to chocolates. What about you? :)


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