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September 25, 2007

Some Ads That Prove Sex Sells .......Best?

Lynx Body Wash.

PUMA Clothing.

Renova Toilet Paper.

A vacuum.
(Do you see the vacuum in the bottom left corner? Look carefully, or you may miss the point of the ad.)


Volvo Cars.

Herald Towers Condominiums.

Che Magazine.


Carl's Jr. Hamburgers.

Playstation 2.

WAIT! It's not that I've got nothing to blog about okay?!

All my pictures are already edited and uploaded (will be up the next entry). Just that I always want to share with people nice stuff I've came across while surfing the net what! :D



I know talking about Donut Factory again will make me look so stupid, and totally OUTDATED. Now, less than 5 minutes can buy it already. No more queuing up for hours.

But still, I need to thanks Shao Feng for giving me a pleasant surprise by buying a dozen for me :)

I didn't know anything at first, not until he came to my work place and gave it to me. Although I don't really like Donuts, but it's really a nice gesture of him!

And the lazy me cab home because of the box of Donuts. TROUBLESOME WHAT!!?

Yes, a very lousy FANTABULOUS excuse indeed.


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