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November 09, 2007

Hey guys! Was pretty busy with all the school work recently, and didn't have the time to do up a proper update! :D

Therefore all my entries are all quite short recently!

But now, I'm done with editing and uploading all the pictures! So here it goes ....

Went to The Cathay to have my favourite Ben&Jerry's with Lindy sometime back! It's been so long since I wanted to eat there but we just didn't have the time or chance though :)

The Ben&Jerry's there has really nice ambiance and it's totally comfortable with all the sofa seats. So, it's really a nice place to chill and slack.

And you see, there are ...

People playing card games there too!

Well, shall go there again some other time! *drools*

Lesson can be fun, sometimes.

Fun no. 1: Measure our body dimensions!

Fun no. 2: Experience to be a wheelchair bound disable.

The purpose of this exercise is for us to experience using the wheelchair and to fully understand the needs and difficulties of the wheelchair bound disables.

Then, it allow us to design or to improvise a better wheelchair for them.




Benjamin :D

I think I look more like a wheelchair disable than them huh?

Fun no. 3: Stars are blind!

This exercise is pretty much the same as the previous wheelchair one, but this time round it's for us to experience the blind.

Fun no. 4: Giant @ IMM.

We have to meet our lecturer at IMM shopping mall cause this time round we are going to experience not the blind or the wheelchair bound disables, but using the shopping trolley at supermarket.

After that, we have to come up with some recommend improvements to the design.

While we're on our way to IMM....

Hong Ming is busying playing his PSP!

Then, Victoria and me had fun playing with Lindy's scarf ....

Alright! Back to experience using the trolley at Giant ...

Brandy, Me & Victor

We got to take some pictures with the problems we faced and here are some which Hong Ming poses for it.

Now talking about the real problem faced, I'm totally sorry to Brandy cause I accidentally push the trolley and the wheels just go over his foot.

Poor him! :x

A cute girl girl!

Of course, we did shop alittle at Giant and I saw these omega huge fish!

Brandy is damnnn freaking aunty!

He kept on going to eat the free logans!!

See! I caught him again!

After the lesson at IMM, we actually still have another one more hour lesson in school. But we're all too lazy to go back so we carry on shopping there!

Playing with the kids!

Crazy things we did at Daiso:

Sitting on a ultra super freaking small chair!

It's really very small!

The chair only cover half of my small butt only lor!

Really! You seeeeee yourself!!

Just alittle obscene though :)

Next up, posing with fake cabbage!

Lastly, with bricks and flowers!





He was there for a event by Addias, as he was the ambassador for it.

And of course we grab the one and only chance to take picture with him!

Here you go!

Jealous aren't you? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAA :p

p/s: Actually there's more to this entry but it's getting real late now, and there's school later still. Furthermore, I've been sitting down here blogging for hours (since 1am) already. Getting real tired now, I'll blog again soon :)


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