Episode 3

November 11, 2007

Sometimes, it feels good to stay at home the whole day even on weekends!

And I just finishing watching the Taiwanese drama, 换换爱 (Why Why Love).

It's again another same old boring story line with lousy plot!

Why are ALL the dramas getting so similar ah!!!!

As usual, there will always be like 'a love triangle' or something like that. For example :

A like C but B also like C, then somehow C like B, and D like A.

Boring, like totally.

Oh chicken, let's drop that topic. Instead, let me share with you guys some stuff that I bought recently! :)

A bloody red wallet.

My new wallet niceeeeee hor! They told me that's the last one in all the shopping malls already, cause they did help me to call and check. NO MORE!

So it's like the last piece in Singapore! :D

Unless they lie to me, but I reckon it's not possible as I did went to search for it myself and I really couldn't find it too.

Actually it's not really counted as the last piece.

The wallet I took is the display set. Cause the new one the sales person gave me has some black spots on it, so it's second last to be exact.

But who cares!

They told me this wallet is not sellable so the company decided not to manufacture it anymore (or something close to that).

What a pity.

A Tupperware pencil case

A B5 black pouch

And below I'm going to show you all a jacket which everyone is against me on buying it!

Even when my family saw the jacket, they just purely laugh their nose off. Thinking that I'm real stupid to buy it, well...

I guess it's not that bad right?

They just kept on saying that it's a very aunty-lish jacket, and even an aunty will not even buy it.

Maybe a closer look at it?

Seriously I think it's pretty okay what, the main thing is I like the jacket can already! Nothing matters to me now.

Although until now I didn't even wore it once before, but ..

*Followed by a longgg pause of silence*


Samsung Ultra Edition 12.1, U700

The keypads

I think I remember you people requesting me to take pictures of the keypad right? Here you go! :D

And to match up with my shiny silver ultra slim phone,

I got myself a SILVER handphone pouch!

It looks real shiny and nice but not really in the pictures -.-

To end it off, 3 cam whoring pictures took in the gents.
(It's been long since I did that)

p/s: Both me and my bro are still awake at this hour, scary!


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