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February 28, 2008

"When are you going to blog? 1 bloody week already leh!"

"I thought you say you'll blog before you sleep?"

"DAMN! Why are you so lazy?"

"I come here for so many days yet not a single update still!"

"NA BEI! I think he die already lah!"

(Warning: A longgg entry!!!)

Stupid lor!

It's quite nutty to guai guai sit here and FINISH editing ALL the pictures when you have like close to 200-300 over pictures taken for a day.

You can't possibly put up the whole 300 pictures right?

Maybe you do, but not me!

Then what if you have like maybe 4 days,

then 4 x 300 = 1200 pictures okay!!!

So I've to like, go through all of them, find the nicer ones out and edit it. And in the meantime, you'll surely get some distraction (mostly from my bro regarding about 黑涩会美眉) plus eating, shitting, sleeping and of course, going out!

Siao lor, I so don't want to become a slave for my blog!

Like you blog because you need to, and not want to. If you do something just because of the sake of doing it, then most likely the results will turn out to be sucky.

Like how some Blogger I know of is.

Anyway to something even more fuming, my sleek Ultra Slim phone totally screwed up on me 2 days back. I'm feeling so helpless when I can actually see messages and calls coming in and yet you're not able to read it or even to pick up the calls.

Bring it to service with my mum and being on impulse...

I bought myself a new phone!

Muhahah! Another sleek phone!

But all the functions are so basic, it's just like a monotone phone but only with colour! No camera, no mp3, cannot change the wallpaper to my picture some more!

But I've already decided to use this phone for the rest of the days! And maybe selling away my Ultra Slim U700.

Although I'm always using my own money to buy every single shit that I'm using right now, I guess I've already spend more than enough money on gadgets already!

Maybe I should stop.

Yah, also to stop yakking on and start talking about CNY!

*go drink some water*

Chinese New Year to me now, is just like some normal days where you go visit your relative but only in addition to get some money.

It's not like when we're still young, still a kid.

When we get freaking excited about buying new clothes for cny, going whoever house to 'bai nian' and get super elated when you receive Ang Bao(s).

I'm so not feeling the excitement and happiness anymore.

Is it because that we've already grown older?


Food food food!

Having steamboat as usual at both our grandma's house.

Gobbling up all the abalone cause it's really yummy, I don't understand why you don't like it?

Yes, you!


Woke up late, cause if you guys still remember I actually Shou Shui, not Shou Ye okay! Muahhaha! Then I ask my family to head off first without me, and then I'll join them later.

So I took the public transport there:

Squeezing like hell!

Went to visit my Great Grandmother first:

With my "Tai Ma"!

But I couldn't really remember how old she is, but just quite old. If not how can she be my grandmother's mother right? :)

Okay, that's crap.

Look at their vintage toilet:

I think the door is the dopest shit of all!

Bro with Aunt!

Then after that we head to our Grandma's place!

Upon reaching and after greetings and receiving all the Ang Baos, it's time to take lots of snap shots with our beloved Cousins (Hex)!

The 6 of us never fail not to take any pictures together for the past few years and we've been really close together since we were young!

Like really young?

Thinking of the days when we play catching, hide & seek, power ranger and dancing to the songs of Spice Girls!

All the nicey nice memories.

The 6 of us each got a partner too! Check out,

Benjamin & Cassandra

Randy & Priscilla

Dominic & Amenda

Jumping shot:










I know you're getting sick of our faces but still ending this part off with some shots which I really love!

The hands somehow spoils it! :(

A typical gathering during CNY:

Many would be gambling and whining over losing of money. While some who don't gamble will just sit there and watch all the boring television shows!

Not forgetting to eat some "Ba Gua"!

It's chicken meat!

Still as nice as the normal pork ones but I wanted to try out the Cheese Ba Gua! You guys know about it?

I don't seems to find it anymore, oh well.

Blury blur!

In our Uncle's car:

I totally love the car's interior colour!

After I put this picture up on my MSN display picture which in short, DP. Many of my friends have been asking me about it!

It's much better than those boring and dull colours right?

And some really dumb people cannot understand the meaning of DP when chatting in MSN, so I better type the whole full-term 'display picture' out!


Typicalben: "Wah!"

Typicalben: "Your DP picture don't look like you leh! Hahahaa!"

Dumbo: "Huh? What's DP?"

Typicalben: " -________________- "

Totally feel like banging myself onto the wall.

After we got our ass back home, we didn't forget to take a family photo!

Some self cam whore:


Woke up as early as around 6am in the morning to start our visiting again!

Wasn't really in the mood the dress up for the day so I ended up wearing shorts and a anyhow mixture of tops! :)

Drinking my favourite Vitasoy on the way there:

Slurp slurp~

Was visiting halfway and I SAW SOMETHING which makes me feel fucking gross and yet alittle happy and I quickly took out my cam to take it down!

It's something which we so hate it.

A DEAD COCKROACH!! *Happy cause it's dead*

One of my cute cousins!

My grandma's way of giving out red packets:

She would hang up all the red packets on this pot of plant and will ask all of us including her son and daughters which is our uncle and aunt to all choose one from there!

Inside the red packets includes different amount of money!

So it depends on your luck to get the one with the highest amount, and you can see everyone touching through all the red packets finding the one with the most money.

What a creative grandma! :)

My young grandpa!

Oh great!

Time to show you my baby which I bought sometime back!

So super cute right!

Though it's so black but yet still so chio with her pink contact lens in one eyes! Well, that's what my friends say! -.-

Anyhow, did you guys watch before the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate commercial advertisment?

The one which the guy made roses out of the chocolate wrappers and give it to the girl every date?

Nevermind if you don't.

But here's the roses me and my bro did!

The fugly rose did by my bro.

Take a look at mine instead!!



Went out with Xinhui!

After a reunion breakfast with all our relatives, went to meet up with her to go to IKEA @ Tampines.

I really want to revamp my whole room soon!

With the help of my friends, I'm so going to paint the room and change every single furniture away!

*waiting for that day to come*

I've got to work for it!

Money money please come to me! :)

The 'Ali Ba Ba' her!

Naughty Spongebob wants to take pictures too:

We then went to the airport to cam whore, totally hardcore.

Thus, ending up with lots of really nice pictures.

But before flooding you with all our cam whore pictures, we notice a riddle while we're heading to the airport in the bus.

This is my dumb idea!

We did some shopping at Candy Empire!


So in love with all the chocolates and the sweets there! Then somehow we are entitled for a lucky draw, so we just participate lor.

Look at her enthu face:

I reckon she wanna win something out of it!

Snap snap! I took her side view,

My cute HECKMAN necklace:

Again, ending of the day with these few pictures ...

that I love the most among all!


We love our hoodieee!

Before I continue to Day 4, I've got things to say!

1: Brandy just called and told me that he have $40 worth of Ichiban's voucher, asking when I'm free to go dine there together with Lindy! Wooo! Shiok!

2: I really love Ruffles Chips (Cheese)! Okay that's random.

3: I've already change my hairstyle and get a hair dye already! I shall update about it the following next entry! :)

Alright, now to ...


Look at all these pretty flowers and guess where we went?

No, not Botanic Garden! -.-

But to the ....

Sentosa Flowers 2008!

It's like super crazy nutty fucking crowded there:

Can spot my tall friend, BaBa?

Actually I didn't want to go there one lor!

Because I already know that it would be freaking packed and will end up smelling each others armpit! Gross!

And it's just flowers!

I don't see any need to like go squeezing everyone through just to take a look at it. But since all of them (my clique, Fingers) wanted to go there like so much...


But at least, we can still take pictures with the bloody chili!


Zhen Jun with his new hairstyle!

Hey! This is BaBa, my friend:

But he's really nice to pose for me cause I took out my camera trying to take a shot of him!

Obviously, I was kidding about him being my friend.

Angie, Me, Yi Ting & Zhen Jun

Pretty red & pink roses!

Snap snap!

Time for taking pictures again!

Okay, fine! They didn't want to look at my camera!

Same goes to this aunty! :(

Yi Ting with the Sunflower:

But I think this pineapple made up with Sunflower is quite ugly to me, and you can see most of the aunties are trying to take picture with it!

Cause pineapple for Chinese is "Wang" right?

Which basically means good lah!

What's worse is that they still have a uglier pineapple:

Yucks! A purple pineapple?

Really ugly lor!

Not I want to say but no people even bother to go take picture with it! Okay, I guess I'm going really crazy commenting on every single things now.

Now, to the prettier ones!

My long time no see, Megawatt smile!

Pink roses!

I like this! Pretty!

Didn't manage to take a group picture with this huge star!

But .......

We took one with the lovey love!

Then, we went to play the LUGE for 3 times!

But the queue was like terribly long.

So we waited like ages for it and then there I was telling them about the helmet we're going to put on our head!

I was wondering what if we suay suay took and wore the helmet which the previous person who uses it, doesn't really wash their hair properly and end up having fleas on their hair!

Then some of the fleas will be on the helmet!

And when you wear it, you got the fleas too! Muahahha!

It's scary lor!

Like who will want to have fleas just because they damn SUAY and wear the helmet of those who are dirty and keep fleas as their pets!

Putting on the helmet!

Spot the error of this picture:

You should know if you're a Biology student!

I didn't study Biology, so I actually didn't know there's anything wrong with this picture above until Angie and Zhen Jun told me so.

A candid shot with a girl!

But my face is alittle screwed due to the candidness! :)

Well, we then started playing:

We also have 3 rides for the Sky ride!

Go my shoes, smell the fresh air!

The four of us!

Hate it when it soon comes to an end ...




Some random shot:

The UGLY rat,

which everyone wants to take picture with!

The 3 of them also bought the photos which the Sentosa peeps took for us during the sky ride and the smart me uses my camera to take the 3 photos!

Alright! I'm done with blogging!

Sitting here for like infinity hours just to do everything up is pretty tiring and really time consuming!

So next time if you got too much time to spend, just blog! :)


p/s: It's been exactly a week and I'm really glad that all of you guys are still here with me, still checking my typical blog out! Stay tune for the update of my hair! *winks*


Yes! Some of you guys got it right! :)


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