February 21, 2008

I finally get my ass down to blog! :)

I think I only can blog when my family is asleep or a really quiet environment to do so, cause I need and want to concentrate on whatever I'm doing.

It's like some people can actually listen to music while they're studying but I seriously can't! I will end up singing or in another words, I lost the concentration.

BAH!!! That's really random thought of mine!

Alright, pictures pictures!

25 days back...

is typicalben's birthday!!!

I'm 19 this year! And getting old liao lor!

Next year my age will be starting with a '2' and not '1' already! :(

And ever since the second year of my polytechnic life, when I hit 18. I kept thinking of my future and lots of stuff, like what will I be working as when I come out to the society? Since I realise that I chose the wrong course, as in I like design but not product design.

I tend to start worrying.

Worrying about will I be able to find a job with a proper salray to support my parents, or maybe my own family?


See! Now my thoughts are running wild in my mind, and I so just typed it all out! Maybe many of you still didn't think of all these, or maybe you don't need to cause your family is wealthy. Oh well....

Okay okay, back to my birthday, day itself! :)

It started by having my family counting down to my birthday with me and after that my dearest mum cook 'Mee Sua' for me as my Chinese birthday falls on the same day too!

Then early in the morning, my family is the first to celebrate my birthday with me! :D

I'm really quite touched by them cause it's like 6am and they all woke up, took out the cake and sing a birthday song for me before I head to school!

I then went to school with my new,

"LA-V Bao Bao"!

As I skipped the first lesson cause I was late cause my family celebrated with me, Brandy drove me and Lindy to the nearby hawker centre to have our breakfast!

Hungry hungry! :O

On our way back to school, I kept on asking them whether the class will be giving me a surprise celebration or some sort like that! And I told them I guess there isn't cause we're all rushing out a very important project out.

But still, I kept on yakking and asking them about it!

And when we reach school to our lecture room ...

It's in pitch dark?

Then .....



As one of my classmate Victor's birthday happen to fall on the same day as me and Lindy one the following day, they decided to celebrate all together!

But Victor didn't come to school, and some of our classmates like Hong Ming and Victoria!

Especially both of them, to hell you all! :(

My birthday leh, as good friends never come still!

Snap snap! Taking a class photo,

With brandy!

Guess he wanted me to thanks him for fetching me and driving me to school sometimes! I think it's really great to have friends with car and of course, can drive! -.-

I want to hire a Chauffeur lor!

Anyone here or whoever you know or you got lobang of someone who drive and don't mind being my Chauffeur with a low pay? Please tell me okay? Muhahaha! *winks*

I know you guys must be thinking that I'm kidding!

Thanks, my lovely class!

After school, Brandy drove me to meet my clique and I ask Lindy to join us too! They have been celebrating my birthday with me for so many years already!

We went to Kallang Entertainment Centre and to hell to Aaron too! Cause he didn't come lor! :(

I don't bloody care! I can scold cause it's my birthday!

I'm the king okay! Muhaha!

So we have our dinner, and it's my favourite Sushi again!

Playing 5-10-15!

Guess where we went after that?


The bill turns out to be a whooping nice number!

1 2 3, 1 2 3!

Wearing the skates on ...

I like this picture!





It's not really fat lah (freaking skinny can!) but I feel that my legs got fatter after I put the skate on! And don't mind my leg hair please! *laughs*


The 6 of us ....

It's really fun to ice skate as it's been so long since we did it together! We then threw away our stinky socks and head to town to have our supper! :D

Yummy stingray!

Yup! That's about it!

I got to go study for my last paper which is on tomorrow! I'm feeling ridiculously nutty when some friends in other polytechnic told me, they've got their exams results already and yet we haven't even finish our exams still!

Nevermind, last paper! :)

Oh! Something I'll never ever forget!

Is to thanks all my friends for the celebration for that day and everyday! Also, my lovely family (including my cousins) too!

And to those who wished me through all kind of means, especially smses! I did receive all your sms okay!!!

Stop asking whether did I change my number cause I didn't reply you guys! Was busy smiling to myself what, too happy already so got no time to reply! :p

Thanks readers for the e-mail & comments wishes too! :)


Off I go!


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