ran.pical #3

February 12, 2008

How great!

All the television programs are hindering me from blogging since 'don't know what' time when I actually open up the blogger site trying to update my blog.

Damn nutty okay!

Right now, there's this repeat telecast of American's Next Top Model Season 6 (The one with that crazy Jade in it). Although I've watched it before, but it still glue me to the television for another hour or so.

BAH! I actually forget what I wanted to blog initially lor!

Accompanied bro to collect his Moto Q9h as he won it from the competition by Nuffnang!

(You can read his winning entry here)!

And it's really nice of Ming to wait for us to rush down there to the office as he has to leave soon. Plus, he was really friendly and nice to talk to when we met him! :)

The happy him!

With the O-S0-Round Geeky Specs:

Randy Bro :D


Typicalben :D

We then went to bought some sweet stuff at Candy Empire:

My bro loves popping candy!

Jelly beans!

Here comes my all-time-favourite,

Gummi Bears!

Okay, I guess I shall end this crappy entry like NOW!

It's seriously getting nowhere where my body is here blogging yet my heart and soul is still glued onto the television.

Ending off with 3 pretty pictures! :)


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