February 07, 2008

Give me Ang Bao(s), and... I give you this video can?! :)

p/s: I don't know why, but I just feel that Angie and me look pretty weird in the video. Do you guys think so too? o.o?

p/p/s: I'm sort of 'Shou Yea-ing", if anyone of you know what it means! *wonder*


#1: Me and Angie are NOT together!

#2: The song is, Sometimes love just ain't enough. By Stefanie Sun.

#3: I'm not crying! I'm not crying!

The part where I'm screaming and sort of crying by the window is only just acting lah! And for the ending part where you see my tears, is purely done by yawn-ing! :)

#4: Yes! You guys know 'Shou Yea' too!!

p/p/p/s: Gosh!!!! It's actually not call 'Shou Yea' BUT call 'Shou Shui'!!! OMG!!!!


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