March 22, 2008

I've got nothing to blog!

Cause everything to me now is so not interesting, seriously.

EXCEPT getting nag by those aunties!!

Fuck lor, saying about this makes my blood boils I tell you.

It's like for about 20 days of work till now, I'm getting nag and nag and nag by those aunties there about my hair!

I don't know what's freaking wrong with them!

You imagine when they nag at you when you come for work YESTERDAY, TODAY & expecting more nagging TOMORROW!

They started by saying:

"So messy, Aiyo!"

"Why your hair so long, go cut it lah!"

"Your hair covering your eyes already leh, not nice not nice!"

And what can I do about it?

Nothing, just REN LOR! (Tolerate!)

So I had to stupidly force a smile for them, and giving them a reply saying that I feel that my hair is nice now.

Which is true that I like my hair and think it suits me somehow, if not why would I cut a hairstyle which I don't like at all right?

Who will be so stupid to do that?

But I think they are just out to test my patience.

Day by day, they continue saying about my hair with the comments getting more and more ridiculous!

"You no money to cut hair is it? I cut for you want anot?"

"Your parents never teach you meah! They never ask you to cut your hair ah!"

"I cannot believe that your parents allow you to have this kind of hair, if I'm your mother I'll chase you out of the house until you get a proper haircut!"

"I think your parents dote on you too much already lah, spoilt!"


This time round I was freaking mad I tell you!


I was being kind talking to you aunties cause you all keep complain to me about your stuff and somehow need someone to talk to cause you guys are bored.

Or I don't know whatever reason you want to talk to me for.

And yet this is what you return to ME in the end!


I hate it when people just suka suka link and link then say my parents lor!

If their being such a GREAT MUM as what they say, then their children won't be failing all exams or even staying out late without even informing them! (This is what they told me!)

Stupid right!

They say until they're like, WAHHHH! Some great god-like Mum & Dad, when their children is giving them all these shit!

Yet still dare to say my parents lor!

Not talking about character wise cause I don't really know their son or daughter, but I fucking can spell
'H-I-P-P-O-P-O-T-A-M-U-S' the whole word when I was still K1 or even younger please!

As if your children can?!

I'm feeling so agitated now, I tell you.

I don't think whatever I do to my hair got anything to do with my parents' teaching AT ALL!

Not at all!!

It's not like my hair is something like..



or even this!

So I don't really understand what they are thinking actually!

Partly or mainly is because they are freaking 50 years old (around or younger) which makes them lags in the 70's where guys should have short neat haircut with everything gel up!

Where else both my parents is still 39 years old! :)

That's why I say I wanted to get married with my girl now and so want to have a children because I so don't want to have any generation gap between me and my children BUT I reckon it's fairly impossible cause we've got no money.

Okay okay, ENOUGH!

Of saying marriage stuff cause you guys must be so sick of it as I've repeated it for quite a number of times...

Fun stuff about work other day! Now it's time to have a great sleep! Tomorrow (Sunday) will be my last day there and then I'll be back to the Boutique!

Nights guys! :)


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