Face to face!

March 27, 2008

I reckon I'm getting lazier and lazier.


The other time when I was still happily using my Samsung U700 phone, I went to buy all these small little thingy and try to decorate them on my phone as it's peeling badly.

Superbly niceee!

But in the end, I didn't even managed to get to stick it on my phone at all!!!

Waste my money lor! :(

Cause the phone just went crazy before I could even do that and had to bring it for service, so after that I was using the other Samsung phone till now!

But now...

I've gotten myself a new phone! *winks*




The CHIO Motorazer V9!! :D

This time round I won't freaking use my CHIO for less than half a year and change to another phone again anymore!

Cause I really like it alot! :)

Pictures of my cousins staying over at our house:



The four of us!

And the two pictures below will make you go, Awww!

So sweet right!

Pretty Val!

Went Bugis again with Lindy as the other time we didn't have much time to shop and buy the stuff we wanted as I've to rush to work after that!

Cheap tees!

It's really unfair that guys tops are always more expensive than the ladies ones! And as always, the ladies have much more nicer and better design than us lor!

I don't know is it because of the more cloth (material) they need to use cause of our size as it's bigger or whatever shit the reason is.

Aiya, it's still unfair lah!

Lindy wants to buy ice cream!

We then head over to Sungei Road again to see whether there's any nicey nice and cheap stuff to get from there!

Like the $4 new shades I got it from there the other time!

And all we saw was ...

Some aunties undies!

Sexy and hot calender for the horny uncles there!

And lots of junks!

So without getting any stuff there (cause there isn't any stuff for us to get!), we left Sungei Road and went in some shopping mall nearby to use the toilet.

Then something ugly caught my attention!

Fugly right?

It's like a water fountain inside the shopping mall which acts like a decoration or something like that!

Just when I thought it's already spoiled and useless,

water is still being sprayed out lor!

After that, Haji Lane again!

They have nice painting on the walls:

Blurred but pretty!

Cam whore with the graffiti walls:

Finally a picture of her!

This is cute! Got letter B somemore!

While walking to Esplanade...

At first, I thought they're just some normal painting and stuff but upon taking a closer look at it....

Those printed on the walls are actually...

Music scores!

Candid shot by Lindy:

Alright people!

Here I shall end my ranpical entry! :)

p/s: Do you guys still remember what's ranpical? :)


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