Honey Cucumber!

March 29, 2008

(Just a short update!)

Went out with Michelle days back as she had a serious craving for Subway suddenly and thus kept on asking me to dine there together with her! :)

And finally...


Busy eating like a Dinosaur:

Went to a few places to shop before Angie came down to meet us at town after her attachment.

Then the three of us caught a movie together "The orphanage", and after having our dinner we head ourselves back home! :)

Angie & Michelle!

We all look pretty weird here!

Michelle went back home first, so me and Angie thought of asking Zhen Jun to meet us up to slack as we didn't want to go back home that early!

Wanted to get something from 7-11 to munch and bite on as we slack around but then...

7-11 is closed?!!

Crazy lor! But no worries...





Cause there's Cheers still! :D

We went to some Condominium nearby, sit down by the pool and slack till around 3am then we went back home! :)


p/s: In case some of you people didn't know, Michelle is actually my Mum!!! :D


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