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April 21, 2008

Yes, my title doesn't really make any sense.

But I thought it's always been like that? Oh well, anyway.. do you guys know when I was blogging the previous entry I almost thought I've lost the skills of blogging.

Maybe not skills cause blogging doesn't really need any skills.

But somehow when I was writing that entry, I feel that I don't know how to blog anymore or even to type any rubbish out lor. And I ended up staring at my lappy screen for like hours, of course inclusive of the time of surfing the net and stuff.

Thus, you guys got a very ranpical entry in the end.


day out with Lindy later, cause I've got things to rant now!

You know, I think I can update my blog daily or if not once every 2 days! With the exception of days when I'm too tired from work, or when I've got like 5372 projects to rush lah!

That one cannot blame!

I can update daily or as I said once every 2 days but I'm someone who's really concern about the number of comments on my blog.


Cause maybe I wouldn't care much about it the next time, like say on Thursday or next week? So I clearly stated that it's FOR NOW ONLY!

Okay. Like if the comments for the particular entry is like pathetically little, I'll have the thought that not everyone has read that entry and so I'll not blog!

I don't know why.

Maybe I tend to think too much! So I'll wait for 1 or 2 days, until the number of comments makes me happy, then I'll update!

Don't come and tell me the quality of the comments matters more, and not quantity. Or come telling me you blog for yourself what, not for others and why care about the number of comments you received?


Like people being unhappy with ME cause of the topics I blog about, being unhappy cause I blog something 'jokingly' about them and ends up I have to remove it down from my blog.

Sadly, the 'people' includes some of my friends too.

So will they make such a big fuss if I'm blogging over at my personal blog with NO readers or maybe only 1 person reading it everyday?

The answer is, NO.

Sorry, I just need to rant cause this blog somehow lost the meaning. Like this is my blog man, so I can scold you 'Cheebye' if you annoyed me in school today or rant about how bu shuang I'm over you.

You cannot care, cause this is my blog!

But now, people are telling me to do all these over at my personal blog which is like so fucking dumb, totally man.

I don't care whether if I'm contradicting myself in this entry!

I don't care.

So now, back to the number of comments!

So once the comments at least have a certain number (which I'm happy with), I'll open up photoshop and then start editing pictures for the next entry.

Which actually could be done earlier, but lazing around as the pathetic number of comments makes me feel uneasy.


Anyway I'm expecting some of you guys will purposely not leave any comments later, and just want to make me feel stupid for writing so much yet getting NOTHING OUT OF IT! :(

People just loves to do the opposite way.

Mummy: Ah Boy ah!

Son: What?

Mummy: Don't sit so near the television, later your eyes become blind then you know!

Son: Aiya! Shut up lah!

*Moving nearer to the tv set in order to make his mum mad*

Mummy: SI GIN NA!!!!

I know you're really bored enough to read till here, great! :)

Now to the pictures!

Met up Lindy over at town to have a early breakfast!

The picture above is shot by Lindy's camera, I like her camera effect leh! Like there's those grainy grainy effect on the pictures.

Very nice!

So cheesssy! Love it!

Lindy seems to be very happy!

We then went to quite a number of places, just to walk around and stuff like that. Then I saw this chair which I think it's really nice:

The Jacob biscuit's chair!

This interior accessories remind me of Zhen Jun,

Cause it looks like ZJ what, isn't it!

Hello, mirror!

Playing with the photo booth:

We then settle down and have Japanese food, AGAIN!

Everyone have been telling me (especially my mum) that the price of Sushi might increase very soon, as the price of rice has gone up due to demand outstripping supply.

Wah, then maybe next time 1 plate of sushi will cost around like 3 bucks or something lor! Siao!

*Goes to Fair price to buy those cheap Sushi instead*

Lindy's fake specs!

Messaging is one of my favourite past time!

This Chawanmushi looks disgusting!

p/s: My ultimate motive of blogging this entry, is of course NOT asking you guys that you MUST leave me a comments after reading. It's just that I'm already very sick of people telling me what I should or should not blog, who say that I can't blog out how I feel or what I want to say. So if the number of comments did affect me for NOW, I'll say it!

p/p/s: I'm such a contradictor at times, oh well. I somehow felt much better after ranting out, though I know some of you couldn't really see the link between the two issues. Actually you don't really need to care what I rant above too, you can just read it and forget it.

p/p/p/s: Anyway my hair is getting pretty thick now and I've got the sudden urge to cut it away and have a short/neat hairstyle.


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