Blow out my amplifier.

April 19, 2008

Good morning people! :)

Looking at the time now makes me feel like heading to macs to have a yummy breakfast! Mc Griddles is damn nice anyway.

I tried calling Fingers to wake them up around 4/5am but none of them actually pick up my call, maybe except for Zhen Jun.

But he went back to sleep already lor.

Alright, don't want to talk about breakfast anymore.

Read afew magazines during lesson time,

And below are some extract from the magazines which I thought is quite interesting, so I took out my camera and snap!

For HER:

For HIM:

Look, Angus is reading the magazine too!

Took out my Corn Cup sticker and paste on him!


Belated Birthday present from Brandy:


Time to sleep!

Okay, let's end this by sharing ice cream together! :)

It's never too early to have ice cream!


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