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June 10, 2008

Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

I don't know why many are very interested about my love life, maybe because I always kept it very low profile and doesn't announce it on my blog?

Well, but I don't think there's a need to do so.

Or maybe I feel that the relationship is still not stable enough.

Although I've been dating all along but nothing gets too serious, so when a relationship I had isn't that serious, I won't tell anyone about it.

Not even my close friends and family.

So even if I've a girlfriend, no people will really know. Just that my close friends will start to get suspicious and would suspect plus ran would always be able to find out (I don't know in what ways) and secretly tell mum about it.

And an ideal stable relationship for me, is at least a year.

Still at times, I'll thought to myself that,

"I guess it's time I should really settle down with a girl that I like and have a serious relationship".

But that doesn't mean that I'm always not serious in BGR lor!!

Cause I've another thinking that since we're still young, it's the best chance for you to do things you really want to do and you can do not till you get older.

Many do agree with me.

So flirting, comes to the picture.

Please hor!

Don't tell me you never flirt at all, I think everyone does that. Even the ugliest guy/girl in your class will also know how to flirt one lor!

So I don't know why people are whining and complaining about

"Wah! That guy/girl is a hongster/flirt, don't go near him/her ah cause you'll sure get hurt in the end!"

It's like you say...

"Eeee! Flirt! I hate him/her!" *Stomp feet and walk away*

When you, yourself flirts too -.-

Stop whining and complaining or even give options telling your friends not to be with that someone cause he/she is a flirt.

You'll never know when a relationship can work out one lor.

So it's somehow like contradicting cause I feel like I'm still young so it's okay to do that (without hurting the other party) and also the feeling of getting serious and to settle down.

Cause I feel that going through army is a very dramatic part for all the relationships and many would fall apart at that point of time.

Many say that guys would change when they go for NS and maybe girls too (loneliness? better choices?). So I thought it doesn't really matters that even I flirt now, cause even if I've a girl now, we would prolly break up when I go to army.


But that's the thinking I had for past years!!!

Not now anymore lah!

Well, if you want to say I'm a fucker who plays with people's feelings then you're wrong lor! Some people here don't even have a longer relationship (1 year plus) than me even though they self proclaim that they're devoted and shit like that.

Alright, back to the question on:

Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

The answer I had since I was in secondary school is,

loving someone.

But I don't know why that many people are scolding me dumb when I chose this choice and they will start preaching about how being loved by someone is way much better.

Let's break it down!

Loving someone means that you love the person more than you do.

Being loved means the person love you more than you do.


I want to love the person more than she does cause I don't like the feeling of me getting sick of the person and the fact that, I just want to give more.

Though I'm always lazy to send them home.


Okay okay, maybe I should elaborate more about sending girls home.

Cause sometimes it's not that I'm lazy or tired or whatever, it's just that when you make a point to send girls home EVERYTIME, they'll soon take it for granted.

Like how you take for granted of the readily available of the clean water when you turn on your tap or your parents giving you pocket money for school.


Or will think that it's our duty to do so.

But what if it's the other way round, like maybe if you only send her home once a week or something like that, won't you guys treasure the time together back home more than if you do it all the time.


Don't you find that couples which seems to be not so close last longer than those which everyday stick together like honey?

Think about it.

Actually sending them back home, is also the same for paying for them. I actually admire girls which doesn't want to spend their boyfriend money and die die also want to pay for themselves.

Those kind of girls make us feel like paying for them more lor!!

Rather than those demanding girls.

Okay. Enough of side track again, back to loving someone.

Although loving someone is harder than being loved, you know and it's a much more painful process where you get hurt and get rejected.

But don't you think when things are too easy to get hold of, you won't cherish and treasure it as much as things which are harder to get?

So that's the reason for me choosing loving someone.

Actually both (loving someone or being loved) has their pros and cons lah, but still it's actually depends much of the person.

I mean, others can't decide for what you want to do right?

So the best thing is, just be yourself.

Do want you to do and don't get influence by people and how they will think about you.

So that you'll not regret in the later part of your life.

Understand, all my sweetie pies? :)


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