What can I blog in 10 minutes?

June 07, 2008

Argh! I'm now timing myself to blog in 10 minutes, but it seems like I can't really blog anything out lor.


I just had dumplings made by my grandma!! And after eating it, my stomach gets alittle nutty! *pain*

But it's still quite delicious though.

Cause I don't like dumpling with those weird weird nuts and stuff inside, okay I don't really like dumplings anyway. But grandma know that we don't like those weird nuts and other ingredients inside so she only put chicken meat inside for us!

She did it specially for me and ran!

How can I not eat it right?

Very sweet of her! :)

4 more minutes to go.. So what more can I say???

Let's play a game!!!

When you guys are commenting me later on, time yourself 10 seconds to write the comments and stop typing when 10 seconds is up okay?


My 10 minutes is up! Now is your 10 seconds turn!

p/s: PLAY WITH ME LEH! Cause I reckon nobody is so crazy to play with me, AND why I'm doing this? *shruggs*


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