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October 17, 2008

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Have you ever had these experiences before...

- It's middle of the night where all your friends are soundly asleep and sadly, you couldn't get yourself into sleep at all! At this point of time, you feel like talking to someone yet you couldn't find any as all your friends are sleeping?

- Feeling so stressed up by work or school with all the non stop piling up of work to be done and you feel like pouring your hearts out to someone?

- Wanted to bitch about that bitchy girl in the other class to someone who will not leak out all the mean stuff you said? (for this, even your bff cannot be trusted lor cause they might back stab you!)

- Want to know more friends but don't know how?

- Tried calling up your friends for a quick chat but all of them are busy with their boyfriend/girlfriend or worse still, they just didn't even bother wanting to pick up your call at all?

- Wait! If I carry on, the list can go up to 10000 man!

What I want to say is....

If you do encounter such situations (or even you claim that you don't), there's this Social Interaction Platform for you people which is call the:

Don't know what it is?

It is actually a renowned chatline service in Town with...

Well, Chatline services actually still survive and are widely use even till today even though there are other Social Interaction Platform like the internet!

And who can say that it is not popular, where they have like more than 10,000 members on hands? o.o?

I think it's really not bad with that number of members and if they can survive until now, you know! That means they must have that little something different from what you can get from the internet...

For example:

(Let me start with the hottest one, but it's donkey years back!)


You all still remember IRC anot??!!

It's like totally the 'IN' thing when I was in Secondary school lah and I still remember we have our school channel and my band channel somemore!!

And there will be like hundreds or thousands over people at those #teens/#teenage channel and people make friends and chat for hours using this medium, it's totally crazy one lor.

BUT... What have happen to IRC now?

I don't think you now will hear your friends telling you "Eh! Tonight we go IRC chat and see got chio bu to jio okay?" or something like, "Yesterday I chat with some really cool guys on IRC and somemore is rich one leh!".

No, definitely not.

But chatlines are already available and running even before IRC started! And its still survive and remain it's popularity over the years until today!! (where IRC couldn't even did that man)!

Well, next up!!!!!


Okay, being very fair and not bias, I don't deny that both of them is really a very powerful network to meet and know more people. But when compare to chatlines, chatlines still do have their pros over them!


1) For chatlines right, you're calling in and the people in there are those who really want to make more friends or find someone to talk to. Unlike Friendster or Facebook where after viewing their profile and you're very interested to know them but they might not be interested afterall.

So ultimately, those who are sincere to make more friends don't really make alot (or maybe none?) from there. And comparing with chatlines, those that who call in to Gossip chat are the ones who really want to make friends! So making friends through chatlines helps you save time and energy!

2) You can hear their voice through chatlines and not on Friendster, Facebook or IRC.

This one is very fun!!!

You can actually get to listen and hear their voices right from the start and not by the words that pop up on your computer screen!

Who wants to type and chat online when they can listen and talk to each other through phones? Of course on the phone is better lah!

3) People don't judge you or get interested to know you purely by your looks, but by your character and how you present yourself.

Everyone is damn superficial one lor.

But if you want to make friends with those who are really attracted to you by your character and not your looks, this is the best medium!

Cause you cannot upload any pictures what! =x

4) And comparing to other chatlines (which is not as popular) or even those chat rooms when at times they will have not much people or even no people for you to talk to! But for Gossip chat, they ensure that they will have someone for you to talk to anytime, 24/7!


After saying so much of 'Gossip chat', 'Gossip Chat' for that many times, I'm getting dizzy already. Anyway if some of you here find 'Gossip Chat' seems to be somehow familiar, maybe you guys might have came across it in the daily advertisements in The New Paper, daily newspaper, Monthly Magazines or even their Website (http://www.Gossip.com.sg) before.

So you might ask:

"Why should we use this chatline service when we have other Social Interaction platform, like internet and stuff?"

"I heard that these kinds of chatlines are for desperates and horny freaks?"

Yes Yes!! I used to think the same thing as you too!

But not after I call up Gossip Chatline.

[I did call the chatline to understand how it really works, in order to tell you guys more about it, and I'm must say that it's quite a different experience!]

So now, let me tell you why! :)


1. It can normally used to find New Friends and Dating!

It's a pretty different experience from making friends on the net and on using chatline! Of course, the most obvious difference would be, being able to hear the person directly! (Like what I mention earlier!)

And it'll somehow be better, knowing people by verbal communication rather than, through the internet where people will demand to see your pictures and make friend with you based on your looks right?

But just when I thought not many will actually get to find their another half using chatline like this,


My friend's brother found his girlfriend on chatline too and they're still together for like months already! And below, I have another real life story of a lady who uses this chatline to find her soul mate!

Do read it if you're interested:

Gossip Chat line is the best place to find friends and who knows, you are able to find love and it is a true love, like me, I found my true love here.
Let me share this story with you. That time whenever feeling bored and needed someone to talk to, I called the chat line, the motive was to find interesting and friendly friends to chat with, so that I can kill my loneliness and could make my day more lively that and happy.
Until one day. I came across this guy, he really made my day, he was so cheerful and friendly, by hearing his voice, I felt that he was so special, the way he talked to me showed that he was very sincere and caring person, and that made me more interested to get to know him better, so after we chatted about half an hour online, I agreed to exchange phone number with him and after 2 weeks we decided to meet up.
On the day, I felt so excited to meet with someone I admired, I hope that he had the same feeling like I do, I don't care how he looks like as long as I like his character and I already fell in love, really....
And yes! He is not only good looking but he respects me and there is chemistry between us.
After about a month knowing each other, I really confirmed that I had fallen in love with him, how about his feeling? I was afraid that he had no feeling for me, maybe he just treated me like any ordinary friend or maybe I was not the one for him.
Until 1 day on Valentine's Day, he asked me out, oh really? I can't believe this! Was I dreaming? That was the time for him to show that he loved me, and he proof that to me, he told me that he admired my voice when 1st time we chatted through chat line, then he admired the way I was when the 1st time we met and he told me that he couldn't live without me when he got to know me better.
Wow! That was so sweet, wasn't blind date fun? I'm glad to find someone that loves me and I hope that our love will last forever, now we have been together for 6 years and getting married soon, thanks to the chatline for bringing us together.

2. Gossip Chat promise that ‘When you call, there’s always some for you to talk to”.

I can confirm with you that this is really true!!

Cause I called in yesterday night to Gossip Chat at around 4am and there are still quite a number of people inside there available for chat! And Gossip can afford that due to their size of members, which is massive.

Yes, don't forget!

It's more than 10,000!

3. For the outgoing & the shy!

All the members or callers are from and for all kinds of interest, professions and background. So for the outgoing and fun people, they can take this chance to find more friends and to extend their social networks!

As well as for the lonely or shy individuals, it's will be a shy-proof platform for you to interact with someone at your own comfort.

So now you can take your very first step to know more people!

4. Misconception!

I must add in this part cause many people when they heard of chatlines, they will immediately develop a stereotype thinking that..

Those people chatting with you inside the Gossip chatline, are hired by the company and stay inside the office to chat with you!

But it's not true!!

(From what I know after I called yesterday.)

It's actually like chats in the internet, or online social network where 2 (in this case, more) unknown persons join and get to know one another!

And chatting using Gossip Chatline is not as direct as you think cause people might be too scared or shy. So they're using the 'sending message method', where you can first listen to different intro by different people and then you can select who you want to talk to by sending them messages (using the voice recording) and wait for their reply!

It's something like voice message in another term!

It's something new and you can even exchange phone numbers with those people you might want to consider to befriend and know more about.

Aiya! Hard to explain to you guys here, so do go try it out yourself if you're interested! :)

Gossip provides....

Having said so much, I should tell you guys what are the services Gossip provides! There're 2 kinds and they are...

(also known as Party-Dating)

*Connects caller to multiple partner/friends

*Exchange message with interested partner/friends

*Fast and Quick process to get to know people

*Can initiate or ignore any conversation (Stalk-Proof)

*Having a good Intro attracts more people to know you


(Live Companionship line)

*connect to one partner/friend at a time

*Share personal interest and lifestyle.

*Exchange love interest views

*Can talk about anything under the sky

How and what to call?


It's charged 50 cents per minutes for Speed Dating and 99cents per minutes for Live 121 for guys but lucky lucky to the girls!!!!

For all the girls, you can get to call the freeline for free!!

That's right!! FREEEEEE!

So good rightttt. And I know many guys will be grumbling and feel alittle unhappy about why do girls get to call for free and not guys! But hor, normally girls always will get everything free compared to guys one what? Right?

One very good example will be...

The Ladies Night!!!

Where they do not have to pay the cover charge and get to club for free but why still so many guys pay money to go for ladies night?

Because we want to jio girls!!!

It's same like, "ladies first"! Where men have to let ladies to go first and be a gentlemen. And in nature...

Guys will be the one who is more initiative and girls are for us to pamper and care for, so calling for free for them is alright what!

But if you're still thinking that it's unfair then do pray that your next life you will be a girl instead of a guy then! :p

Ranpical: Hearty heart on my eyes!

Okayokay! Before I end off this advertorial, there's still one last important thing to say!

Gossip also introduce new payment mode via normal telephone number (which means ‘No More 1900’) for callers/members who wish to use the service without reflecting it on their bills for whatsoever reasons!

It also benefit callers who can use normal desk phone or to even public payphone to call. And they are the one and only service provider that allows Pay -Per-Use without calling 1900 service!!

To use this service:

* Call 6767-6969 (One-Stop-Shop for both Live & Speed-Dating services)

* First 10mins promotion at Only $1.99 (subsequent 57c/min or 98c/min)


You need a Visa or Mastercard for payment to use this service! But if you are a Debit Card user, it's also allowed too! Yay!!

It's just like online shopping you know!

But this time round, you're paying for a chat service. So therefore, if you can actually do shopping online and purchase things...


(But if you have any queries, do check with your bank about how you can do internet purchase etc.)

For more information, you might want to visit their website at http://www.Gossip.com.sg!

p/s: Comments allowed this time round as there will be a small interaction for you to tell me how you feel about it!

Do tell me....

* What are your views about using chatline to make friends?

* Who do you usually confide to when you have problems?

* Will you all try Gossip Chat out?

* Or any other things you want to tell me about anything related to it are all welcome too!


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