ranting for the 34th time!

July 19, 2008

I totally drop dead on my bed yesterday evening when I came back from school, and slept till now!

Very shiok!!

Cause Thursday and Friday was pretty horrible! :(

I didn't sleep at all for Thursday night as I was rushing an advertorial since 5pm and after I completed it, I still have to do up posters for school assignment as well as for a furniture design competition which I have to hand it up before 9am on Friday!

Then... things starts to get fucked up!

When I was almost finish doing the poster design, my whole lappy crashed and closed all by itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was freaking worried as it's already 4am and I have to redo everything again!!

How crazy can it get?!

I tried switching on my lappy again and when I open up my Photoshop, it says disk full or something like that, which means there's not enough memory.

Therefore I tried to delete like millions of programs but yet it still doesn't work!! (I was panicking at this point of time!)

So due to time constraint, as I need to hand it up like hours later... I went to use desktop instead!

Ran didn't clear the desktop at all and it was so laggy but I did managed to do alittle there and when I took back my hard disk and plug it into my lappy...


It just keep popping out some notice and warnings every minutes, but this time round I can use Photoshop (I don't know why) so while I do my poster I need to close the pop up which is annoying!

Totally feeling very shag, I managed to complete the poster and handed it up at 7am!

And I totally forgotten that my lesson starts at 9am!

So I went to prepare and rush myself to school!

Upon reaching school, I still need to do some editing for my poster and resubmit it as the alignment for some of the pictures is totally off and also to write a report for it!

I finish everything at around 11am.

And this time, I receive a sms and a call regarding about another advertorial and I need to send to them by this afternoon.

But my lappy was infected by virus and its laggy badly...

Used lindy's lappy to do out the advertorial during lesson time, as the lecturer didn't teach, which was lucky!

And send it to them by 2pm!

I then spend the rest of the time in school till 7pm, reformatted my lappy twice, install and scan for virus (and there's 9!!) and went back home after that.

And I drop dead on bed and sleep till now!

Now, I found out that I didn't install Microsoft Office and Photoshop yesterday! How stupid!

I guess I'll have to use ran's lappy to do my school work and another advertorial again for this weekend.

Argh! What a busy busy life!!!!!!!

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