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July 16, 2008

See! I never break my promise to you guys! :)

Anyway it's early in the morning now and my family is crazy as usual! You know what my dad and mum is doing anot?

They're doing standing board jump!!!

Siao anot, you say?

And now the two of them are lying on my bed playing DS Lite! -.-

Mum's anyhow creation for dinner!

Angie told me it looks really yummy when she saw it last weekend, as she was staying over at my place.

Mummy is being lazy that day!!

Cause usually she will cook like 4 dishes lor!

But it's still taste pretty great afterall cause no matter what she cook right, will be nice one lor! Serious!! Especially the curry chicken she cooked last night!

Damn shiok! :D

Last day working at Flesh Imp!

I already quited my part time job weeks back, and it'll be my last time wearing the crew hoodie (which I always wear it during work without fail).

Also, my last time mopping the floor!

Being part timer is like this one lor, you will have to do those stuff which those full timer don't really want to do! So to choose from sweeping the floor and mopping the floor, they will of course choose sweeping!

Cause if you mop the floor:

1. You have to pour the detergent (obviously!).
2. Mop the whole shop including fitting room, which I think is the dirtiest area as there are always lots of dusts there.
3. Bring the pail of dirty water to the toilet and change it.
4. Put back the pail of water in to the store.
5. Have to dry the mop (as shown in the picture above).

Okay lah!

Actually mopping the floor is not very ma fan but sweeping the floor is definitely easier, cause we are not using broom nor vacuum but those wipes kind! You know you know?

And you can get change earlier so you don't have to rush at all!

[Note: I ain't complaining, just telling you guys about it only! If I were to complain I wouldn't complain about this job at all cause it's pretty easy and the people there are all really nice to me! Just that the schedule is not flexible enough like what I've said few entries back.]

The cute little devil they gave!

They wrote messages/wishes/or whatever you call it on the base of the figurine, for me as it's my last day there! Sweet!

And I'm so going to miss them! :(


Time for the over due pictures!

I find that the colour of the pictures below is really fugly, and thus I've stop using retro mode for my camera when taking pictures already!

Jose aunt's Birthday Celebration!

Valerie is being extremely cute that day!!!

She purposely closed her eyes when we're taking pictures, and she did it for every single pictures!! You see:

So sweeetttttttttto!

Val with grandma!

Yes, her eyes is still closed!! -.-

Val: "Mummy, can I cut the cake for you instead?"

*Germine on the other side already started to cut the cake herself*

Group Pictures!!!!


I'm in the mist of planning to revamp my whole room!

And the theme will be... POLKA DOTS!!!!!! :D

But I'm so busy busy with so many stuff recently, and also I need the money to revamp as mum & dad is not going to give me any.

There's alot of things to buy man!

Like paint, new table top, 2 new cupboard, etc etc etc. That will actually cost me quite alot already! But whenever I decided to do something, I'll surely work towards it and do it as fast as I could.

It's same like when I saw the camera I wanted, I'll surely get it by the following week no matter what!!

I don't like to draggggggg.

I mean if you keep on dragging, nothing will be done out of it.


Hopefully the revamp can be done by this year, but I actually aim to complete the whole thing by end of September though.

Shall see how everything goes! :)

*Insert coins and turn*


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