Just not my day.

August 25, 2008

Disappointment or what?

Went to school for internship briefing today and after I know which company I was being attached to, I started to whine (alot) as it is located at Changi.

Changi okay!!!! And I'm like in bloody West side.

I whine about the traveling time.

I whine about the transport cost.

I whine about almost everything.

But at least, I'm happy!!! That I've got a pretty good company to attached to for my interns and there's still Jason (my classmate) to accompany me for it.

Somemore the pay is still not bad!


Jason and me have already discuss about what to wear on the first day, planning about where to meet, which interchange, how to go and I even went to the internet and research more about the company lor.

I also excitedly called up Mummy and Angie to tell them about it!

But all these are considered as nothing now, after receiving the call from the lecturer in charge:

"Hello! Benjamin ah? On Monday right, you don't need to go for the attachment instead come to school for fyp. Okay? Bye!"

My heart sank after I heard this piece of news.

I thought it was a joke that he's playing, or maybe it was just me, and only me that have to go back for fyp.

But no, it's not.

Even Jason and another course mate of mine also receive the call from the lecturer telling them about the company have decided on the withdrawal for interns to their company anymore, only at this point of time.


Even though I still can get to go again for interns the next term, like 3 months later, but still I felt so disappointed.

I'm so mentally and physically (I cut my hair lor!) prepared for it.

You people will never understand.

It's just like you thought you strike a 100k lottery, and in the end, you realised that you forget to buy the number today.

It's just like you getting 98 marks for Social Studies paper, and yet your teacher found out that she actually mark it wrongly and you only get like 9 marks.

No, just feeling alittle disappointed only lah.


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