August 21, 2008

Okay, shit. I actually miss my long hair.

I feel very happy when I'm editing the pictures (mostly all of myself, pictures at the later part) just now cause I think my hair rocks like Honeydew Milkshake!

I mean.. I just miss my hair lah.

See see see!

Actually my current hair style is not of any much difference, it's just like shorter. But I don't know why it's still weird, I feel. It's much more neater and people say it'll be more proper for my internship next coming month.

(Okay, still not a designer. Er, maybe a amateur designer? Ehhh! Nevermind! I don't think I want to be a designer and will be anyway.)

I thought designer must have their own distinct style and be creative?

Not dressing up like those boring typical business man's attire, with a short and neat hair cut, long sleeves button shirt, tie and leather shoes (etc)?

Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.

Whenever we're having presentation in school, we have to dress up in formal attire (which is business wear lah!) and I feel that this is so not a designer way man!

We're like business student already, stupid.

Breifing about my internship will be held next Monday!

Hopefully I'll get a good company!

Most importantly nice and friendly people, as I don't want to drag myself to work for like 3 months.

I actually don't mind having lower pay or like have to travel...

IF. I can enjoy my working experience with the company and nobody backstabbing one another (I've heard alot from my friends who went to interns together) and they're nice and friendly peeps!!! It's worth it one lor.

Okay, back to my hair.

I really miss my hair alot and I'm now washing the hair growth shampoo to allow my hair to grow faster and longggggggggg.

It really works!! Since many of my friends had tried it before.


I've gotten my polka dots lanyard already, thanks to Angie!!!

Very nice hor, $3.95 only!!

Me wearing it!

If you did notice, I'm also wearing it on the first 2 picture.

(Obviously, cause it's taken at the same time)

Also, I threw away my red wallet the other time cause it got stain by 'i-don't-know-what-is-it-actually' and I still can't figure out which stuff of mine actually stain all my pouches BLACK.

I reckon is my polka dots bag pack.

So anyhow, since I already throw away my wallet...

I got myself a new one!!!

Hello new wallet! Come to papa!


Me holding it.

It's nice and I think it suits me well!!

I don't really give any fuck about people's opinion when I'm buying stuff, even though I will ask for it sometimes but usually what I think is different from the opinion they gave.

Just follow your instinct.

And lucky I bought it, cause it's the last piece already! I somehow feel damn suay about always getting the last piece for like, those things that I want to get man. I hate to take the displayed items, yet I'm always getting it.


New GOLD belt from BYSI.

I bought it when they're having sales!! $5 only!!

Another cheapo cheapo!!


More orangey stuff bought for my room revamp!!

Guess what did I bought????

Sorry, can't tell you now!

Wait alittle longer and you'll find out! :)

Though I put my room revamp on hold for the time being as there's too many things on hand for me to finish and get done and over with.

One good example is the last paper I'll be having tomorrow.


Playing with Blanket.

"I'm hiding so you can't see me!"

"AHH! I actually messed up my hair!!"

SHHHH! Don't tell anyone you saw me here okay!


AHH! 7am already (AGAIN)!!!!!!

I still got lots more to say man!

Don't worry, I'll be blogging more since the bug is back!

Ending off with.....





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