Fuck you people!

December 31, 2008

Since morning...

I've numerous number of fuckers telling me that they've got OFF day or half day off because it's New Year's Eve today!!

Wtf is wrong with everyone!!!

You people are agitating me by telling me that because I'm attached to some shithole company, doing shitty job which is located at a isolated shitty place!


I think I should thanks my fantabulous supervisor instead, cause I never seen someone that saddist before.

So when the whole company was told that we can ALL leave at 4pm on Christmas eve, my lovely supervisor say there's no such thing as leaving earlier and held everyone back until 8.30pm!!!!!

Wtf bbq!

As if all my department colleagues are like him, who doesn't have anyone to accompany him to celebrate Christmas eve and make everyone stay till so late.

I mean although I got to leave at 5.30pm which is like the normal time that I end work (but all the rest went off at 4pm), I still feel very unfair for my colleagues and also MYSELF, cause I already told Fingers I can actually meet them up earlier then we got to push back the plans like last minute.

Bah! I reckon he's going to make everyone stay again today.

Bloody mary.

Okay lah, I'm going for lunch now with my whole department EXCPET HIM. I haven't finish ranting yet lor but got to end now.

Do enjoy your night everyone hor!

Happy new year lah! :D

p/s: The stupid HR department just came and tell me that what I dress to work is too exaggerating. WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM! What's exaggerating! Oh, maybe I should not wear my hand's accessories! But wait, I never wear any today what! Ohhh.. I think I should dress up in all black on Friday then. Right!


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