Surprisingly, I've got New Year Resolution this year.

January 03, 2009

You know, I never really had any new year resolutions before in the past few years. Because when I was younger, whenever people told me about their resolutions, they just say it but yet they didn't even try to have it accomplished.

Therefore I thought, those people having new year resolutions is just plain stupid cause they didn't even bother to achieve their resolutions and I'm NOT someone who is like that...

I don't need any resolutions cause I know what I want, and I try to achieve it.

Just like the other time, when I wanted my room to be revamped, I get it revamped within 2 months time all by myself.


I don't know whether the impulsiveness in me is good or bad.

Cause when I decided to get that something, I'll get it within the shortest time. That applies to all my gadgets (for the trend of past 2 years, I change them every 6 months which is ridiculous I know), clothing, decisions, etc etc.

Okay, so here comes my New Year Resolution!!

(I shall not include those like, hope my whole family will be happy and healthy, hope I'll be alright in NS, hope....blah blah blah... cause I don't regard them as resolution but wishes.)


1. To have my own label, or I can say my own business.

I don't think I'll be a product designer in the future.

And I'm still not sure what jobs will I be taking up after army, cause after working so many part time jobs before and now currently having this attachment, I come to know what kind of jobs are not suitable for me.

I still couldn't really find the one I enjoy doing and I really don't want to disappoint my parents cause I know they pin high hopes on me and ran. Ermmmmmm....

I guess they're already disappointed upon hearing that I didn't want to further my studies in University after I completed my NS.

But I have my own set of thinking.

Just imagine if I go University for 3-4 years studies after I completed my NS (which is about the age of 22), I'll be at the age of 25/26 years old upon completion.

Which I thought it's somehow too late to step into the society.

I would rather go into the society and work while doing part time studies at night to upgrade myself than going to study in Uni.

I want to have my own business that I can fall back on.

No matter big or small, at least it's another achievement for me if I can ever do it. Also to let mummy to have a place to work at since she's still so young (not even 40!) and don't like to work for others.

I don't know if I'll succeed in this, or ended up failing miserably but I think I'm going to give it a try.

At least I bother to try right!


2. To know the girl working at Swatch, Jurong Point.

She's the girl I saw her on the bus when I was in year 1.

Since year 1, I've been bumping into her on the way to school on bus (184), in school campus and even at town!!

But till year 3, I didn't see her anymore, not until last Sunday, when I went Jurong Point with Tai Wei.

I don't know why I've got the sudden urge.

Maybe she's my eye candy since year 1, I don't know. But it seems that I couldn't find her anymore now, I don't know leh. Aiya..

I just know that....

She study in my school, Ngee Ann Poly.

She take bus service 184 to school and she stay in Bukit Panjang.

She work at Swatch at Jurong Point last Sunday, afternoon.

She look really sweet and all.

I doubt I'll bump into her again.

But everytime I see her, I'll feel nervous and stuff.

Don't know leh, hopefully someone here is her friend or something, then I can find her again?

Oh great, is this counted as wishes or what! :x


3. To be able to update my blog more frequently.

I've to admit that this blog somehow plays a part in my life now.

And I'll continue blogging for myself, and also for you people who kept me going all these while! Thanks babies! :)

[I still do have my stand that blogging is for myself and I blog what I want rather than blogging for others, so what I meant by blogging for you people is not literally blogging stuff for you guys.. Okay, if you get what I mean!]


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