typicalben grant your xmas wishes!

December 17, 2008

HOHOHO! Christmas is coming again!!

And to celebrate this year Christmas with you people, typicalben is here to make your Christmas wishes come true!!!

All you have to do is....

To drop 1 of your Christmas wish on the comment box!

Remember to include, your name, email address and also your blog url!!! Andddddddddddd, 2 lucky peeps will be ranpicaly chosen and have your wishes granted!!

p/s: Well, but don't be stupid and make ridiculous wishes hor!

Examples of stupid wishes:

Buy me a car, Have sex with me, Meet me for dinner, Kill your mummy, Kill your daddy, Kill ran, Kill yourself, Close down your blog, Shave your hair, and etc.

Examples of wishes that you can make:
(Some are suggested by his friends)

Write me a Christmas card, Send me your ugliest picture, Chat with you online, Blog about....., Be my bff, Kill all the cockroaches in your house, and etc.

The wishes that will be selected also have depends on typicalben's capability of granting them too. Have funnn! :)


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