Celebrating this day for 20 years already.

February 18, 2009

I don't know why, but seriously, for this year birthday I got no much anticipation about it at all man.

How come ah!!!

The past few years, I'll be like damn excited about it months before and will plan everything way before hand but totally not this year. Is it because the older you get the anticipation or I can say the excitement you have for your birthday decreases? o.o

It's like you can see all the young kids will get so fascinated and happy over having birthday cake, presents and the celebration while, lets say, your grandmother wouldn't even bother to celebrate her birthday at all.

Fuck care when it comes to cake or even presents.

Maybe they do care lah, but not as much already.

HOHOHO. It's like, "SORRY AH BOY. WE GOT BETTER THINGS TO TAKE CARE OF. Birthday is just another day in the day and I get to celebrate it every year."

But totally NOT TRUE.

What if you suddenly die tomorrow?

While you're crossing the street, one Lambo bang and crashed you flat (get bang by a Lambo is better than getting bang by... Nissan okay!) thus you got hospitalise and after afew hours of struggle you ended your life JUST LIKE THAT. Damn sad...

Then you can never ever celebrate your birthday anymore!

Bah! I think I'm just blabbering rubbish here.


So on the day itself, I slept till pretty late cause I was having 1 week holiday from my internship, then I went to meet up with Fingers as they have the day planned for me the night before!

I really have to thanks them man, cause my birthday always falls on werid days where all of them are having exams, CNY and stuff like that and they still always make a point to celebrate with me every year without fail!!!!

Okay, pictures time! :)

Met up with Angie and ZJ first!

And on the way to meet the rest of them, we somehow ended in a washroom halfway there and thus we camwhore alittle!

The pretty washroom!

Outside the washroom:

I totally love my furry hoodie!

But I don't think I can wear the hoodie out recently!

For this period of time, the weather now is freaking crazily hot and humid lah. Though it's not really thick but I reckon it'll make me sweat like hell! Talking about the weather right...

We (my family) really think I need an aircon man!

Although sometimes we don't really like aircon but when it comes to the weather like now, I really think we need it cause even if we switched my fan to the maximum already we still feel very humid and can't get to sleep.

See! I told you I not rich ass kid already.

Even aircon also don't have lor!

Okay, just a ranpical picture I took. Don't know why.

Then we reach Raffles City where Yi Ting and Ke Xin meet us there and we dine over at a Japanese restaurant, Shokudo (which I went there again 2 days back to celebrate Goshi's birthday with my poly mates -.-)!

"I want this and this.."

"Wait, order this too leh.."

Pictures of the girls in our clique:

Ke Xin, Yi Ting & Angie!

Aiya! Actually I don't really need to put their names down also, cause most of you all here know them already lor.

Them doing with me my TWIST pose!

They drank some Mocha shit thingy!

Which I feel that the taste sucks! Lucky I didn't drink that, cause when I see this drink at the counter, I immediately wanted it!

Peach flavored 'Marble drink'!





Yay! Marble!





You all remember right, last time got this marble kind of drink similar to it, selling like hot cakes in Singapore and it's damn freaking cheap only (less than 1 bucks)!

It's green in colour and got some dragon cartoon on it one!

I remember it's like so popular in my primary school days and everyone will like buy it and pop the marble into the drink and think it's really cool.

Ahhh... really getting old already.

Lousy picture by the crew there!

The crew there took like 6 pictures in total and all came out crappy. No choice and the one above is like the best out of the 6.

So yah..

Totally love them!

Not forgetting Aaron tooooo!

Guess he's really busy preparing his exams and stuff and we very long didn't see him already man. Please meet us up soon if you see this, but I doubt he'll see it cause they don't freaking read my blog one lah. Like rarely. Zzzzzz..

Went to take Neoprint after that!

The Neoprint machine is located inside the restaurant.

Quite fang bian, and it's been some time ever since we went to take it already, it's still as funnnnnnn man!

The outcome:

I very lazy to go scan the Neoprint so I just use my camera to take it. Can even see those dust on the Neoprint. Muhahahaha!

The shot that we like the most!

We then headed over to town to get my present!

Every year right, I'll tell them what I want for my present then they will get it for me cause I don't like useless stuff or when people buy me things that I don't like, I'll never use it one!

And I feel that it's very wasted to spend that money yet I won't use or like it, so I'll always tell them since Secondary days rather than them spending money getting things which I don't like.

With my new Nike high cut shoe!

You can't see it clearly as it's way too small.

I also chip in, in the sharing of money for this present cause many people say that we cannot buy shoes as a present for someone cause we will 'send the person away' and you got to like give the people who buy you the shoe some money (like 10cents) so it'll be counted as you bought the shoe.

All the superstitious stuff, and we believe!! Hahahaha!

The whole night ended with us slacking over at Coffee Bean!

And we got to head back home around 1plus cause they still got exams and school tomorrow!

I know it might seems very normal and mundane for this year celebration but that's what I want it to be!! Way much better than having lots of people celebrating it for you yet you can't concentrate on every single one (like my 18 years old birthday party like that).

Just be together with my loves one, the feeling is really great! :)

And now to my cake....

I've got 3 cakes this year for my Birthday lor..

Which I think it's alottt!

But I'm not really a fan of cake cause I don't really like eating it! But I don't mind icecream cake or cheesecake though, and just nice, my beloved aunt bought this icecream cake for me!! :D

Icecreammmmm cakeeeeee!!

Yay! Icecream cake then I wanna eat!!

I'm really touched by the action by my aunt!

She came over to my place really early in the morning (when I'm still sleeping) just to bring this cake for me and give me an ang bao!

Really a pleasant surprise! :D

Love you my aunt, Angelia!

Not Angie okay, it's Angelia!!!

And here's another cake of mine brought by my mummy!

Strawberry Cheesecake!!

Time to sing Birthday Song!!!!!!!!





Making my wishes!
(Sorry, I know the huge shiny knife is pretty disturbing!)





I think I take damn long to make the wishes!
(Damn! The knife is really really disturbing -.-!)





Blowwwwwwww *Huuuuu*!





Nah! Feed you all with my icecream cake!!

Then headed over to school!!!!!!!!

The class is celebrating for us again!

My 3rd cake! Well, share one lah!

See Lindy so happy about it! :D

After that, Chin Hao asked me and Victor along to NYNY for dinner and it's on his treat as to sort of celebrate our Birthday as me and Victor's birthday falls exactly on the same date! :)


Chin Hao!!


Don't you lovee my teee?!

Chin Hao and meeeee! :D

Though I really don't feel like celebrating my birthday this year, maybe because I was too busy all along already and didn't have a good rest at all lor! But really have to thanks all of them for planning and helping me to celebrate! :)

In short, I'm really fortunate to have you all with me!

I'm really happyyy! :D


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