OMG! What happen to all my pictures?!

February 12, 2009

Just when I finish editing my birthday celebration pictures and wanted to upload all up to blogger and blog about it, I then found out that all my pictures on my blog can't fucking load a single shit!!!!

Omggg. This is really crazy lor!!!!

Does someone know why is this happening?

Or you guys can actually see all my pictures?

Cause ZJ say he can see but some of my poly mates say they can't, so I'm not sure leh! I also went to use ran's desktop and it's the same leh, cannot load at all.

What happen ah????????????????????????

Anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeee, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile I shall go see what I can do and find out what is wrong but if anyone of you know please do email me okay!!!!!!!!!

Don't bother to leave any comments! If you wanna comment then comment later when the birthday post is up okay. OMG!!

Thinking of re-uploading all the pictures is killing me! :(


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